God and Sex Education

I find it pretty disturbing how, over the past 30-40 years, our public education system has been hit with a hard dose of immoral ideals and standards.

As a Christian, I am constantly amazed at how the basics of education have been replaced with” whatever seems right in man’s eye “. To become politically correct has replaced even “good ole common sense”.

Here is where we are today in public education, at least in the area of “Sex Ed”.

[1] They teach our children that it is alright to have sex outside of the covenant of marriage. How? By offering them condoms in school. Forget anything about abstainance and waiting for the “sanctity of marriage”.

[2] Now some teachers are taking it upon themselves to offer personal, one on one training in how to have sex. All you have to do is listen to the nightly news and you are hearing more and more of teacher/student sexual relations.

[3] Don’t worry about it if you get pregnant by another student or maybe a teacher, the school will help you get an abortion without even notifying your parents.

[4] If the thought of traditional relationships between a man and a woman aren’t your thing, don’t worry! They are making it more acceptable for you to act out your fantasy of homosexual activity now. Last night they were talking about a controversy where 2 girls, who are lesbian, were named “The Cutest Couple” in the Yearbook at their school.

All of this in the name of ” Sex Education “. I remember when they first started offering “Sex ED” in schools. It was said that if they offered it and taught it in schools, that it would make things better. WOW!If today’s “Sex Ed” is an example of ” making things better”, it probably would have been better to leave things well enough alone.

When you take God and His principles out of the schools and out of our society, then what should we expect? By who’s standard is anything based on or judged to be fit or right for society.

Is this what is meant in scripture by “Every man doing what is right in his own eyes”?

Now I know that NOT ALL public schools are this way, but in the beginning NONE were this way. As these things become more and more acceptable, what is the next thing they might try to push on us, “Beastiality”?

No wonder more and more parents are homeschooling their children or sending them to a private school that fits their views and moral standards.

God, please forgive us and help us to stand for the things that are right and pleasing in Your Eyes! 


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