Prayer for Bob Jones

This is an e-mail I got yesterday. I felt compelled to share it and ask for continued prayers.

Recently Bob was hospitalized for bronchitis, pneumonia and pulmonary edema.  This was quickly complicated by renal (kidney) failure as he began to retain excess fluid which began to literally crush his every breath. 

 We watched the enemy come in like a flood (Is 59:19) with the full intent to snuff out Bob’s life prematurely. However, the Spirit of the Lord raised up a standard of miraculous healing against him.  As the prayers of the saints made intercession on Bob’s behalf, God was faithful to answer.  (Jer. 33:3) I never doubted for a moment that I would become a widow.  God is such an awesome God!  When we are weak, He is strong. I stood in faith believing and proclaiming His promises knowing God was in complete control of this situation. I literally watched God trump the devil’s ace!  The doctor’s were amazed at Bob’s remarkable improvement over night. We called it a miracle! When Bob went to the Lord in death on August 8, 1975; God made him a promise that he would live to see one billion youth come into the Kingdom in one great harvest. To date, Bob has not seen that promise fulfilled and God cannot lie.   The enemy has been trying to remove the prophetic anointing; dismantle God’s proven prophets and replace them with his counterfeit.  Bob’s recent word has been “there must be a clear trumpet!”   He is recovering very quickly.  His pneumonia is gone, his cough is minimal and he’s breathing quite normal.  He is receiving dialysis on a temporary basis to remove excess fluid and toxins.  Now is a time for him to rest and regain his strength so he can finish his course. We give all the glory and praise to God; He is forever faithful! His hand has moved mightily in this situation.  God is restoring Bob and he will be even stronger than he was before. Bob and I want to thank everyone who has been praying according God’s will for our lives.  All glory to His name! Much Love & Many Blessings! Bob & Bonnie Jones


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