Lighten Up III !!

A friend of mine was at a church visiting and was asked to go over and pray with a man who was seeking the Holy Spirit. My friend went over and started talking to this guy and the man felt like he would never be Baptized in the Spirit. My friend told him that if he truly wanted it, God would give it to him that day, right there on the spot. The man said “yes, I want it now”. My friend sat down next to him and asked the man to raise his hands, open toward heaven, to receive. As my friend was leading this man in prayer, he said to repeat after me, ” Lord, fill me with your Spirit”, in which the man repeated that. My friend said ” Fill me, Fill me”. He noticed this guy touching his arm , up and down, in which my friend said ” What are you doing?”. The guy said” Well, you said feel me”.

Lighten up, people! Enjoy this wonderfull life God has given us all!



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2 responses to “Lighten Up III !!

  1. IWanthetruth

    That is funny…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am still laughing. That is a great one.

  2. IWanthetruth

    The First Man in the Bible
    A Sunday School teacher asked little Willie who the first man in the Bible was.

    “Hoss.” said Willie.

    “Wrong,” said the teacher. “It was Adam.”

    “Aw, shucks!” Willie replied. “I knew it was one of those Cartwrights.”

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