The Greatest Gift !

Have you been looking for the “perfect” gift for Christmas? God has already given us the Greatest Gift ever, in His Son, Jesus.

  What makes the Gift of Jesus the perfect gift to the world is a many faceted thing, but the main thing that I like to thing of is, this Gift from God the Father has “no Strings” attached.

  Often times when people give a gift to someone else, there seems to be stings attached. That type of gift is given with expectations from the “giver” of getting something in return. The Gift of Jesus to the world was freely given by the Father and freely delivered by the Son. NO STRINGS attached !!

  Once a gift is given to someone, it must be “received”. When Jesus was given to the world, He was despised and rejected by some and He was loved and received by many. The Gift of Jesus is free with no strings attached, but you decide whether to receive The Gift or not.

  The Gift must then be opened ! A gift left unopened is never truly received. We must open the Gift of Salvation by truly giving our-self to Him. We do that by choice. We open our-self to Him, and He opens Himself to us.

  The gifts from the Magi, brought to the newborn King, were befitting for an earthly king. The Kingdom of God is overloaded with riches untold, with streets of gold and precious stones of all types. Jesus, sits at the right hand of the Father and is still the Greatest Gift that was ever given to mankind.

  The Greatest Gift that you can give this Christmas season is you! The Greatest Gift you can give to Jesus is when you give your life to Him. You are more precious than any stone. You are the Greatest Gift that you can ever hope to give Jesus. It doesn’t cost a thing, but will bring you everything you could ever have need of, both now and in the future.

  If you have never given yourself to The Lord Jesus, then I encourage you to do that now. He is waiting for you. His “Perfect Gift” of Salvation is ready to be opened. Won’t you do that now? If you wish to give your life to Jesus, will you pray this prayer with me? 

 Jesus, I believe you are the Son of the Living God, and that you came to earth, dwelt among mankind and that you gave your life on an old rugged cross. Jesus, I believe you took upon yourself all the sins of the world, mine included, for I am a sinner, and that through you Jesus, my sins have been forgiven.  Jesus, I believe that you died on that cross, was buried in a tomb and on the “Third Day” you arose from the dead and that now you are sitting at the right hand of the Father, God of all Creation. I give myself freely to you Jesus, and recognize you as The Lord over my life and in my life. I ask now for your Holy Spirit to come and live inside of me and to teach me and guide me in your Ways.

 THANK YOU!!!! Lord Jesus, Thank you!!!!  



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