Faithfull or Faithfilled ?

I got a wake up call the other morning about 5 AM. You know the kind! The one where Holy Spirit is talking and you can’t go back to sleep until He is finished.

I heard this resounding thought over and over, “Faithfull or Faithfilled ?”

I listened as Holy Spirit began to reveal the difference and then show me that most of todays churches are at a “Faithfull” position, but God the Father wants us to be in a “Faithfilled” place.

A “faithfull place” will get us to respond to the direction of the Word. Jesus told the disciples to get in the boat and go to the other side. They were “faithfull” to respond to Him. When the seas got rough and they saw Jesus walking by them on water, Peter responded by getting out of the boat, on the Word of Jesus. He was being “faithfull”. The difference is this, had Peter been “Faithfilled” he would have kept walking on water and not gotten off focus of Jesus.

 We are told to ” Keep our eyes on the things of Heaven” and to “press on through”, to “finish the race”. That can only be accomplished by those who are “Faithfilled” not just “Faithfull”. Don’t get me wrong being “Faithfull” is a great thing, but it will never get us to the place of a “Faithfilled” life.

Being “Faithfull” will get us to church on Sunday morning, BUT being “Faithfilled” will get us to BE the church 24/7, 365 days a year. It is BEing what God has called us to BE.

Being “Faithfull” has a many of people in the Body in a place of “waiting on The Lord”, when being “Faithfilled” gets them to step out of the boat and do the “vision” or “thing” God has called us to.

Being “Faithfull” kept the woman with the issue of blood, faithfull to the doctors and to give all she had to them, BUT being “Faithfilled” got her to press through the crowd and to the feet of the “Great Physician”, Jesus Christ.

When we are “Faithfilled” we walk not by sight or sound, not by hype or emotion, but by the “Confidence” of a “Faithfull” God ! He is able to “perform and perfect” for He is the “Author and Finisher” of our Faith.

There truly is a difference between a person who is “Faithfull” and one who is “Faithfilled”. The “Faithfull” person is always trying to obtain what the “Faithfilled” person already has obtained, for the “Faithfilled” person already “sees” what God “sees” for them. They not only “see” it in the Spirit, but begin to act on it in the natural. The only way to really walk in “true faith” is to walk in The Spirit.

“Faithfull” people send “Faithfilled” out into the jungles of Africa or wherever God has told them to go. A “Faithfilled” person doesn’t mind walking up to a complete stranger and sharing the Gospel, while a “Faithfull” person thinks it is for someone else like a pastor or evangelist to do that sort of thing.

The church is full of “Faithfull” people, some of who claim to be “Born Again”, but they are still just like the “old man” who hasn’t died of his self yet. A true “Faithfilled” “Born Again” believer will push on in spite of and despite of the circumstances or events that they are currently in or have gone through. They will “keep their eyes on the prize” and not lose focus on the Promise of God, Jesus Christ!    

My prayer for all of us is that we will become more “Faithfilled” in our journey with The Lord Jesus Christ !



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36 responses to “Faithfull or Faithfilled ?

  1. Chris

    Great post.


  2. AWESOME Insight! Very spirit-led. Keep them coming!

  3. tjsmith

    OK WORD, but I would re-evaluate he use of the words Faith-full and Faith-filled. According to my Websters dictionary there is no “faithfull” in the way you are using it but rather faith-full (two words) and the same for the word faithfilled but rather faith-filled (two words).

    Faith = belief in the truth, value, trustworthiness of someone or something. Belief and trust in God, religious conviction, a system of religious beliefs.

    full = containing all that is possible or normal, complete in every detail, completely qualified, empowered, or accepted, completely preoccupied as with thoughts

    fill(ed) = to put into or hold as much s possible, to satify completely

    Not a whole lot of difference in these two types of people. Why do you think one isn’t doing just as much as the other.

  4. lbolm

    Thanks for coming by and commenting.

    To sum up the difference, all one has to look at is the Fruits of a persons life.
    I know a lot of “faith full” people. BUT, a lot of them are NOT “faith filled” in the way of fruit in their life.

    I gave a few Biblical examples of these in the post.

    Let’s get some other thoughts from some of you out there!

  5. tjsmith

    I understood pefectly your point and I am not in disagreement with your concept. There are many out there who claim to be followers of Jesus Christ who do not show any fruit. My question would then be have these people committed their lives to Jesus with real, true repentence. Not my judgement but the Lords on the day that we stand before His throne, but according to my understanding of scripture These people may not even know Christ.

    I hear so much about if you aren’t “doing” in these days in this “post-modern” period of the church, then you are not “filled” and are part of a dead church. I think this attitude needs to “stop”! These precious brothers and sisters in the Lord who may not follow your beliefs have been “doing” in whatever way the Lord has called them. We do not know their hearts and I am feeling that this word you have presented is not an edifying word but a tear them down type of word. “Let your speech be edifying” For all we know they may be serving God in the capacity they are called to AND it may only be with their neighbor. I would just emplore you to please be careful about whom you are calling faithfull/faithfilled and what that really means.

    I would recommend that you re-ask the Holy Spirit what He was saying to you, chew on what He has given you and there maybe a need to re-word what you are saying. Personnally, I believe there are too many “christians” who are not faith-full to be faith-filled because they are still living in the same sinfull junk they started out with.

    If a person REALLY LOVES JESUS he will do what is commanded.

  6. lbolm

    This word is not given as a “tear down” word. I am sorry you took it that way.
    I only speak what is given to me to speak. I can’t “re-word” as you put it, what The Holy Spirit led me to say.

    It is funny how this past Sunday when I gave that message, that it was well recieved and how it uplifted those that heard it. Just goes to show, the old saying about ” you just had to have been there”.

    Love in Christ Jesus

  7. tjsmith

    I am glad that it was well recieved by all that heard it in the church, but this is a public forum and it may not be well recieved by all.

    Well, bless you for being “obedient”.


  8. Chris

    I think the difference might be the way you defined “full” TJ. The way I took it was like full, from a feast. When I’m full after a big dinner (think Thanksgiving dinner), I’m comfortable and don’t want to do more than whats necessary. We all get in the boat because thats easy. Then things get touch. Those that are faith filled tend to be doing the most work I’ve seen. 20% of the church members do 80% of the work unfortunately.

    I freely admit I’m not one of the 20% doing the work in my own Church, but I blame it on being new to the community and not members yet 😉

  9. tjsmith

    “20% doimg the 80% work”

    I have been a follower of Jesus for 40 years and that has always been the case unfortunately. “The laborers are few but the harvest is much.” Do you think it will change? I wish it would but realistically, I think not.

    Listen, I knew exactly what Jake was saying using those words. In fact the dictionary gives that definition for both full and filled. It’s no big deal.

    Jake I was giving you a hard time. I apologize.

    Bless you both…

  10. tjsmith

    I freely admit I’m not one of the 20% doing the work in my own Church, but I blame it on being new to the community and not members yet.

    Why are you doing that to yourself? Maybe you are doing work even at this stage of your walk and believe me, membership in is not a pre-requisite to do the work. That is a bondage and a lie that you are going to put yourself in before you even get started. Legalism… watch out for it.

    I am not saying membership is bad but again just don’t let anyone tell you you have to be a member of a church to do work. You are a member of the Body of Christ, The Church already.

  11. lbolm

    TJ wrote; I am not saying membership is bad but again just don’t let anyone tell you you have to be a member of a church to do work. You are a member of the Body of Christ, The Church already.”

    BE who we are called to BE.

    Don’t worry TJ, I understood where you were coming from.
    Love in Christ Jesus

  12. Chris

    My bad TJ

    When I say I’m not in the 20%, I mean with my Church group, not necessarily within the body of Christ tho…Trust me, in my Church, I’m not in the 20%, probably not in the 1% since we usually only go on Sunday mornings right now LOL

    I don’t know if I’m selfish or what, but I actually enjoy resting on Sunday….Churches seem to pack so much in to a Sunday now that it starts feeling like labor. Is it just me, or is this a common feeling? Thinking about writing a blog about this….but I’m still not sure where I stand on it.

    In Christ,

  13. tjsmith

    No not selfish in my thinking.

    I very rarely go to church on Sunday because I “do” so much through-out the week. Cell groups, Wednesday night service, Men’s ministry, lay counseling, etc., etc. I do go at times on Sunday but there have been many a Sunday that I stay home, read the word, maybe listen to a sermon on TV. I was in that trap of going every Sunday and actually at one point I would feel guilty if I missed a Sunday. That is not right. I enjoy ministry but when it takes the place of/becomes an idol instead of the actual intent of gathering in the church (to worship the king) then it is not right.

    My intent was not to make you feel bad by my last post. I just wanted to convey that there are certain things that churches sometimes teach that I just think become legalistic in the end, and my desire is that you not fall in that kind of a trap.

    Membership is not a bad thing in a church and it shows a level of commitment to a local body which is good. But be more committed to the body of Christ overall and “go and make disciples of (whatever and wherever) nations.

    Gotta go… Work time here on the west coast……

  14. I like the way explain “faith full” and “faith filled”. When I saw these two words, I thought of them possibly a little differently. “Faith full” looked to me like someone so full of the faith they have that there is no room for growth or improvement. It made me think of a few people I have met who think their faith is full and complete, and there is no reason to do anything more. “Faith filled” brought to mind images of people constantly going out into their own corner of the world and working to fill their “faith meter”. They are actually trying to grow in their faith, to learn more about God by actually doing what He commands.

    Of the two, I know which one I would prefer to be.


  15. Ian Wlilliams

    Many years ago, I had no problem with being faithful – I would see amazing things happen in prayer and action – the dead raised – miracles of provision, healing etc. Many years later, Jesus came to me and said, “Ian you don’t know Me, you think that you know Me but you do not, and I Am going to reveal myself to you as I really Am. Now let me put this in context, I had raised the dead in Jesus’ Name, healed the sick in Jesus’ Name – done all manner of wonders and miracles in Jesus’ Name, but He was telling me that I did not really KNOW HIM, and that I just thought that I did!

    OK, so I was faithful, but I could have ALL FAITH, so as to move mountains, I could have all knowledge and understand all mysteries, but if I do not have LOVE, then I AM NOTHING! I sense that this is the guts of the message in what is being brought forth here. That is not just enough to be faithful, but it is in being FILLED with God’s faith, with His essential character, which is LOVE – that is when we are truly filled to overflowing with Him. But as long as we think it is about us being faithful, as distinct from us being filled with HIS Faith, which works by Love, then it will be to us like an Old Covenant work and not a New Covenant grace.

    The Lord is looking for servant hearts who will submit to being washed clean – with nothing left of themselves to inhibit the outworking of His grace – vessels of honor to be FILLED with the glory of the Lord. Our own faithfulness can become a hindrance to us being filled, because we may find a sense of satisfaction and completion in being faithful to our church, our dogma, our beliefs etc, but yet still not really KNOW HIM – as in “Get out of My face with your self-serving, satanic self righteousness – for you savor of the things of Men and not of God – for I did not KNOW YOU – I did not enter and FILL YOU – so go to the outer darkness and wail and gnash your teeth at what you did not do but could have done for the least, for Me – you whited sepulchers!”

    Shalom, Ian

  16. lbolm

    Brother Ian,
    Again you see right into the heart of the thing. I should just get these things and let you write them out for me! LOL!
    When we know “who we are and Whose we are”, that new creature, Filled with the attributes of The Father, then we will walk in the fullnes of who we are called to be.

    Thanks again for your input!

    Love in Christ Jesus

  17. Alan Higgins

    Excellent post Jake. You are right on the money. Even today I was speaking to a ‘faithfull’ and he was tring to talk his way out of talking to strangers about the gospel afrer see my money challenge video ( for those who havent seen it) and he thought that people already know the gospel because we have so many churches etc around and I had to explain to him that he would be suprised how many people do not know the gospel and it is our duty to warn the unsaved of the impending judgment. Keep up the good work. I will be visiting again

  18. Chris

    Or people who think they know the gospel…the profit gospel, the gospel of joy, the gospel of judas, the gospel of Thomas….but not the TRUE gospel message….sad

  19. Ian Williams

    Thanks for the affirmation – I just open my heart and bleed on the page. I just wrote to a friend in America about distractions. It seemed germane to this thread. If we get too busy watching the Punch and Judy show, we may well “miss” the main event! My friend’s name is Vincent.

    I don’t know if you have yet noticed Vincenzo, but when you start to get close to the substantive Truth, you seem to get skewed by a side issue and go off at a tangent into a metaphysical maelstrom of eclectic mysticism. Kabala and other such nonsense is simply knowledge, and at best it is tainted and at worst demonic. The seeking of knowledge as a substitute or alternative to being known is the outworking of the original sin – to become as god’s – knowing…

    Beware my friend; these are distractions from the simplicity which is in Christ. If you will but submit yourself to Him, only then you will find that you do not need to go searching for anything, and that He will lead you wherever and however you should go, and show you all that you need to know. Watch out for those who seem to offer illumination to you – even Satan may appear as a messenger of light – so it is no mystery that his servants should do the same – appearing to be servants of righteousness.

    If you are in the light, you do not need to seek the light, but if you are in darkness, then any light may appear to be beneficial, but if that light which is in you is darkness, then how great is that darkness? We shun the True light, and seek the false, because our own deeds are darkened and we will not come to the light, so that they may be exposed.

    The power of “knowing” is that it gives us a misplaced sense of relevance, of personal power, but it is a diversion – a divergence – from that which is truly requisite and that which we are commanded to do, that we should love one another as He first loved us. This is what this prison planet is all about – it is for us to learn to embrace love and to reject evil, but if we judge the evil of others, we will revert to the same confused estate of the knowledge of good and evil, rather than live in the kingdom of God and heaven, which is manifest on earth as that estate of peace, joy and righteousness in the Holy Spirit. Ye though I walk in the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil…

    When I look back at all my fruitless searching, trying to find the truth, seeking to comprehend this world about me and the universe, looking for others to name and blame for the mess that the world, the church and everything is in – or being distracted by spiritual rabbit holes – I have come back to that one place – that place of Oneness where I seem to see that it is all about me and He, and no matter what anyone else does, that I am simply responsible for my own conscience – my own microcosm of the cosmic consciousness – that I am either being part of the problem (antichrist) or part of the solution (Christ).

    When I look at the world I might see a mess of self-interest and hatred, occasionally punctuated by grace – when I look into the mirror, I see only me and I can tell by the grace on my face where I am positioned in the race. If I am not confronted or perplexed by what I see in the mirror, if I see myself as God does, if I am clothed with Christ and the grace of God, then when I look at the world anew I see His mighty hand at work – I see Jesus at work in others, even in the midst of their error and sin I can see God’s hand at work.

    Some years ago, I was shown a vision of the Ancient of Days doing the dishes. He stopped to inspect a plate which He had just washed, and holding it up, He fixed me with a steely gaze, and He squeaked His thumb over it – the vibration of it shot through me and jerked me out of my seat, standing me upright, speared and suspended by its energy, giggling like a child. He simply turned, put the plate in the rack, and went back to His washing the next vessel. It is His job to present us spotless, but it is for us to keep ourselves unspotted from the world. These distractions will just dirty your dish with what seems like food but in reality it is just someone else’s vomit and/or dung.

    If we will submit ourselves to be washed, cleansed, we will be made vessels to honor. It is not for us to question why God has chosen other vessels to dishonor – He raises whom He wills, and lowers whom He wills – it is not of us but of He who wills.

    There are two kinds of humans, those who make history, and those who report it. Most are the latter, and in their obsession with the past, they are bound to reinforce and repeat the mistakes of the past – it is a simple principle of psychology that by focusing on the pathological aspects of human behavior, many simply exacerbate the situation, and by ignorance and naiveté are complicit in the “devil’s work” – and being compelled by such thoughts as “All that is required for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”, some may think that “If we just do something, then we are being good.”

    Then there is the third kind, the Son of Man – collectively the Body of Christ – the New Man which is created in righteousness. The one who does nothing except that he sees the Father do it first – the one who can actually understand what Paul meant in 1 Corinthians 2, and who can fathom the deep things of God by His Spirit. But to go into the depths, we must drown in His presence – and that means submitting wholly to love – and this is the narrow way, and few there be who find it. It is much easier to take up a lance, saddle a donkey, and go tilt at windmills, thinking that you offer God a service. But, this is the Broadway, and many there are who enter in by it.

    For the pure and holy ministry before God the Father is this, to [make a difference in the lives] of orphans and widows in their tribulations and to guard oneself from the world without malice.

    Shalom and Aa-meen.

  20. This was a great post, and I totally agree because I have been there myself. There is truly a difference between the two.

  21. I really like what you wrote:

    Being “Faithfull” will get us to church on Sunday morning, BUT being “Faithfilled” will get us to BE the church 24/7, 365 days a year. It is BEing what God has called us to BE.

    It’s a good thought-provoking post. Now, those that are hungry are asking… how can we be faith-filled! Amen!

    Lord, bless ya!

  22. When we receive the Word the Holy Spirit speaks, we receive it WITH our Spirits, but if we receive it with man’s reasoning mind, we will get into being as the Pharisees, who could not see beyond the actual words. We must receive the THINGS OF THE SPIRIT WITH the Sprit, and not by the letter of the law, for the letter killeth. I receive these words as they are spoken through Jake, by the Holy Spirit, and whether Mr. Webster acknowledges them or not , is of no consequence to me, for God has spoken them and I receive them in the Name of Jesus!

    Continue speaking the WORD of the Lord, Brother Jake! Amen!

  23. Excellent! I see evidence of this in my practice all the time. Some people pray for healing as if they were begging. Others accept their healing as a matter of fact. The difference is one relies on the doctor while the other relies on God’s design for their healing and health. Keep up the great work!

    Dr. T!m

  24. Ian Williams

    One last (?) thought. One very often misunderstood text is that which says, “Without faith, it is impossible to please God.” So it is that we are led to believe by the Ministry of Works that we have to have faith in order to please God. This is as futile an exercise in tail chasing as you will ever involve in, and it is largely why so many Christians look ridiculous, as they yap and chase their tales, trying to please their Master.

    OK, so what is it that pleases God? “This is My Beloved Son, in whom I Am well pleased.” The operative is IN WHOM I AM. In another translation, it is, “his is My Beloved Son, in whom I Am FULFILLED. What pleases God is His fulfillment in us, in His being allowed to fulfill us. What can you add to God, what can you give He who already has everything? You yield your will, your gifts, your calling, and your everything, so that He might be ALL IN ALL – you lay down your life on the One True Foundation of Love, of Christ.

    God is pleased in filling us with Himself and thereby being expressed in and through us as Love. Not wishy washy, mealy mouthed platitudes and men pleasing, but pure Love. Without faith, His faith, it is impossible to please Him. Abraham HEARD and believed and it was accounted to him for righteousness. This faith comes by hearing, and the hearing comes by the Living Manifest Word of God – which is a person – a PER SON, not a thing. Abraham did not have a Bible, but he heard the WORD and he believed. Learn to HEAR the WORD and BELIEVE, and so act in that faith which was imparted by the hearing.

    I don’t know if you have noticed yet, but when God clearly speaks to you, and you have ears to hear, then the Word itself contains the impartation of Power to achieve ITS ends. Most of the time when we are wondering whether we really heard God, we did not. To be filled with Him is a scary proposition, it means that He will eventually want to clean us up to be fit habitations for Him, so that He may fill ALL IN ALL, and fulfill us by His Spirit.


  25. tjsmith


    Mr. Webster acknowledges them or not , is of no consequence to me,…

    Thanks, I hope you read farther down where I said to Jake that I was just giving him a hard time. I did agree with the essence of his post did I not.

    I read recently a post by someone that spoke about his in-laws who were not real demonstrative in their faith, they were not charismatic and they did not go out looking for a ministry to do, yet they were recognized for more faith-filled actions by just the way they were with those around them, helping others, financially giving (if I remember the post correctly) and being Christ to those around them than many who are “out there” doing ministry.

    I just think we need to be carefull with our attitudes of whether or not a person who is Faith-full should be doing what a Faith-filled person is doing. Sometimes we don’t know how God is using people and what may look to us as being a pew sitter doing nothing is not the case at all. What they do may be in secret and God will reward them just as much as the one that we see “doing”, both are serving Christ to the world.

    I know this isn’t what Jake was saying and again I agree with the principle of his post.

  26. dstecklair

    Hey sorry I took so long to respond to your comment. Thanks again for your feedback.

    I think the most important thing here is, and you did mention it, is the One who we have faith in. Yes, we need to be more full of faith and belief, ever more certain that God is who He says He is and will do what He says He will do. We need to be gazing at God, pouring over His promises and then exclaim “Yes Lord, you ARE faithful and just to forgive us. Yes Lord, Your grace IS sufficient for us.” And if we find no such belief, no such surety in ourselves, then it is to prayer we must go, that God would help our unbelief, that we might not be like unbelieving generation in the wilderness.

    And as far goes as the church, this is certainly an issue that must be examined. How many pastors anymore really, truly have faith and belief that God’s word is sufficient in the pulpit? Or do we doubt it and therefore assume that it needs help, and livining up, and entertainment?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts brother!
    – David

  27. Jonathan Pearson

    Great Post! I would even venture to say that many of those “faithful” people don’t even show faith in God. Many of those people are fulfilling their need to believe in something. It becomes more of religion, rather than relationship. BTW…It’s just one man’s opinion, but Peter didn’t take his eyes off of Jesus, his attention was just divided by the storm. Many of the “Faithful” people have their attention divided by other things in the world.

  28. grainoffaith

    great post. Thanks for coming by and responding to James 3:13. I fully understand what you are saying. I read a little over half of your comments here, but with two little children, I’ve not got time to read the rest right now. Keep speaking what you know and telling others about Jesus.


  29. srbinette

    good stuff. oh, and thanks for the comment by the way!!

  30. Ian Williams

    Jesus said for us to “have the faith of God” and that if we only had faith the same as a mustard seed that nothing would be (appear) impossible to us. Now ask yourself, what kind of faith does a mustard seed have? We are not talking size here, so much as character. A mustard seed does not have an identity crisis – it does not doubt, it does not waver, it seeks no favor, it simply is what it is and it is true to its generation. It only and unconsciously knows how to do one thing – to become a mustard bush and to reproduce after its own kind.

    We, however, live in the midst of an unbelieving and perverse generation, which only knows how to generate after its own kind. The true nature of faith is that it is an imparted grace granted gift, and it operates best when it is unconsciously obedient to itself – true to its nature and generation. “Lord, when did we do this? Faith is not works, but finds its expression in works of faith. Trying to be faithful is just that – it is trying – and trying is lying – and lying is dying. We may only truly be transformed by the renewing of our vision.

    There has been such an emphasis on faith in the last 25 or so years that love has largely been relegated – and the love of many has waxed cold – so much so that they no longer recognize the corrective character of love and have become obsessed with “faith” as a means of personal advancement and or pleasing God. “Lord, look what WE did in YOUR Name!”

    The promise was to SEED, as of ONE, which is CHRIST. This is the SEED which is activated in you – like when Jonah turned his face toward the throne and cried out to God – a type of Jesus in Sheol – and God breathed His Spirit anew into you and raised you together with Jesus. This is the mystery of the ages, Christ in you, your HOPE, your image of GLORY – this is the SEED nature – God’s DNA if you will – and it is activated and ordered by His RNA – His “messenger molecule” – THE WORD – as it were. It only knows how to do one thing, and that is to complete itself – to come to fruition.

    So many Christians are “Bonsai Believers”, they have become so restricted and root bound in their dogma and environment. Paul said, “I fill up in myself that which remains of the pressurings of Christ, for the sake of the Body.” In other words, He gave Christ unrestricted access to press out and exclude all which offends, to drive out anything which is antichrist, so that he may be filled and fit to be a fully functioning member of the Body. This is how we become FAITH FILLED – not through our works, lest any should boast, but through the burgeoning of the mustard bush – the filling up of ourselves by Christ Jesus, and by He and His Father coming and abiding with us.

    If you want more than just a religious experience, or to feel justified by your own faith, then this is how it is done – but I will tell ya, it is scary! It is not for the fainthearted! We are justified by faith, by the FAITH OF JESUS! It is not our faith in Jesus which will do it, but our faith which is in Jesus – it becomes ours when we accept it. I don’t know how to explain it any better than that. Beware of those who tell you that you can develop your faith – you can – but I would much rather have the faith of Jesus Christ developed in me so that my very unconscious nature is Christ.

    11. And it is He who grants that some should be apostles, prophets, preachers, Shepard’s and some to be teachers,
    12. To nurture the saints, to perform ministry, to build the body of Christ,
    13. Until we all become one in faith and knowledge of the Son of God, and [we become] one person according to the measure of Christ’s all encompassing stature.
    14. And that we should not be like the boys who are shaken and tossed asunder by every revolutionary spirit of human knowledge, those ideas that are designed to mislead through stupidity.
    15. Except [your ideas] should be confirmed by our love, so as that everything that belongs to us is nurtured through Christ who is our head,
    16. And from Him is everybody mustered and assembled, whoever He embodies, according to the measure of the endowment granted to every member for the discipline of his or her body, so as the entire structure is established in love. Ephesians 4, VA Aramaic Translation.

    Finally, may I recommend a thorough reading of Colossians 1, especially from the New Living Translation.;&version=51;

  31. lbolm

    Brother Ian,
    At a conference last year, i was asked by Holy Spirit, “Why do you think camera’s can see Angels and orbs and yet many people don’t see them ?”
    I was at a lost. I had never seen one either, other than some photos.
    I was told this ” The camera doesn’t require faith. It just sees what is there.”

    Wow! If we could just obtain that kind of “vision” ! Some have and some haven’t.
    But, I know that I know, HE is real !

    Love in Christ Jesus

  32. Ian Williams

    I went through a period a few years ago with amazing spiritual events as a regular weekly occurrence. Manifestations were so numerous that they became the expected norm. Bowls of anointing oil, orbs, angels, the Lord Himself in attendance regularly, all sorts of amazing things – then there was a shift which seemed to be occasioned by an unwillingness on the part of many to really yield and submit to the Lordship of Jesus, and people lost sight of what the manifestations were for – to bring people to a realization of Christ. Thereafter ensued a time of real correction, of turning the sod, of deep introspection and sifting, such that now I do not crave the manifestations anymore, nor even particularly expect them, but there is a recognition of the deeper need to become conformed to Christ, rather than simply to seek the thrill of the experiences.

    Through this conformity, a greater Power has been occasioned, such that now I see much greater manifestations of grace occurring in my prayer life, and the manifestations seem like childhood trinkets and baubles by comparison. It is as if the manifestations are there to draw the truth seeker on, but also to winnow out the thrill seeker.

    Like I said, the manifestations were numerous and powerful, and I could write a book on them – but one day the news came that a prominent American preacher was coming to the main urban center of New Zealand, which is the citry of Auckland. A number of the people in the house church were planning to go, so I asked Jesus if I should do so. I had a vision during our devotional time in the meeting of myself and the acknowledged “leader/convener” of our group – we were in an open fronted freight elevator, at the ground floor of a building. In front of us were people doing “church” – I sensed that they were Catholic types. As the elevator began to ascend, it passed floor after floor of various “levels” of Christian expression – levels of the Church as it were. As it got to what I heard was the tenth level – there was Creflo Dollar preaching. I heard the Holy Spirit say, “This is where HE has established HIMSELF – this is where he has spread out – but this is not for you.”

    At that, it was like the elevator got retro rockets activated, and it zoomed upwards at a giddying speed, and came out in heaven, and as I looked out over heaven He said, “This is where I want to take you.” I told my friend of the vision and he looked a little crest fallen. He went to the conference, and when he came back, he was changed, but I do not think for the better – it was like something unholy and or unhealthy had entered him, and its entry point was his fixation with money and earthly success.

    I have come to realize that the building I was in was the Tower of Babel – and that this obsession with going to the next level is simply man’s vain attempts to reach up to Godlikeness – and you shall be as gods, knowing….

    There is much talk of breakthrough anointing and such – but it is not a breakthrough you need but a BREAK IN! Behold, I stand at the door and I knock, if anyone opens to ME…the door of you heart opens inwards…open up you gates, open up you everlasting doors, and let the Lord of Glory in!

    If you have eyes to see and ears to hear, then know what the Spirit is saying to the churches – it is time to yield your hearts up to the judgment which has been passed upon sin in the flesh and to honestly assay your lives – do I really know Jesus as he really is, or do I just think that I do? Do I truly love my neighbour as myself? Am I filled with compassion for my fellow man, do I really crave justice and mercy for all, or do I want just us to have mercy? Do I want childish trinkets and baubles, manifestations which thrill and titillate, or will I willingly lay down my life for my fellow man? If we will do the latter in love, then the manifestations of grace and power are the supernatural consequence – seek first the kingdom, and all will be added!

    If you really want to know real spiritual authority and power on a local or a global scale, then simply say this from your heart – “Lord, I purpose to know nothing, except you and you crucified – I forsake all vanity and supposition, all preconceptions and misconceptions, I exchange all my pearls for your One Greatly Priced Pearl – I ask that you reveal yourself to me as you really are – the Lord of All Creation, the well spring of all Truth, the Lord of All principality and Power, both in heaven and in earth, and the lover of my soul – I thank you that you truly are, and will ever be, the savior of all men, especially those who believe – Aa-meen.”

  33. Ian Williams

    Hi again, as to manifestations of the Spirit, these are God’s calling cards – by them He often presents the credentials of His co-workers, but trouble is, as always, the co-workers tend to rejected when the message starts to get tough on the flesh, and so it is that people tend to “cherry pick” their experiences, holding to that which makes them feel good (especially about themselves) while rejecting the real reason for the manifestations, the demands and commands of grace to unconditional love.

    I was once led to a church, and upon entering, the Lord told me to hold out my hands – into which He placed two golden orbs. He told me to cast one over the throng, and it dispersed like mercury into myriad pieces, each one touching a person, and they all broke into praise. He said to swallow the other, and my voice just went somewhere else – I have what is described as amore than good singing voice, and used to song lead – but my instrument was in the hands of another and my voice soared to places it could not ordinarily go. Some years later, I went back, and they were still talking about the time that the glory came. I had approached these people on a number of times re preaching and teaching according as I was led by the Holy Spirit, but each time I was judged and rejected. You cannot just take the calling card and reject the messenger – if you don’t want the message, the Lord will withdraw His presence.

    As for the openness to see, this requires the laying down or refusal of your own “sight”. He who has eyes to see – you have to have the eyes of Christ, the ears of Christ, the mind of Christ. When I was first introduced to these manifestations, even though I knew the Lord had ordered my steps to that place, I thought that the people were strange or perhaps deranged. I just kept hearing Jesus say “Keep your eyes on Me!” So I did, and on the third visit, I had a vision of Jesus on the cross – it was not just real, it was hyper real. I could see into His face and looked into eyes, and they spoke a sermon of love and forgiveness and tolerance – and I was cut to heart. From that time forward I saw many wonderful things happen, and as God turned up the heart on my anointing, the manifestations stared to out-strip those of som of the existing members, including the “leader” and he and others began to feel threatened, especially when the Lord would have me bring prophetic warnings. When they rejected the messenger, they rejected the message, and so it soon began to crumble and dissipate. Through all this I was being grown up, refined and sharpened myself.

    It is simple – the more uncompromising you are with His message, the more likely that you will be rejected in favor of smooth words, until there comes the time when the circumstances become so awry because of the love of many waxing cold, that the one who remains faithful will stand as a beacon of hope in the midst of a world of darkness. This is such a time, and the darkness will cover the land, and the love of many will grow cold and the elect of the Lord will be increased and will shine – they will be a fire from the loins up and a fire from the loins down. Those of you who know that this is your destiny will feel the Power in these words and your spirit will leap in recognition of the call – those who are happy to be religious and self-satisfied with your own righteousness and remuneration will think that maybe I am a nut, or worse still, have a demon?

    But when you see ALL these things happening, know that your redemption draws nigh. The next few years will be hellish and horrific for many, but incredibly joyous for others, as they see that this is what was promised by the Prophets of old – the culmination of the age. Many will say, “Oh they have been saying that for the last 2000 years” and others will come saying “I Am He” and deceive many, but those who have learned to fix their eyes on Jesus will be walked through the minefields of judgment and self-destruction, as they walk in the Spirit and do not fulfill the strong desires of the flesh. If you are filled with the Spirit to overflowing, there is no room for anything else. Those of you are messengers of the Age, harvesters, will be made ready by the Holy Spirit in the allotted time, so do not be concerned as to whether you will be ready, but for now focus on having you lamps trimmed and filled, and avoid those who SELL THEIR OIL – find your own oil well within! And stop begging for God to give you stuff, He has already given you ALL He is in Christ – seek first the kingdom and His righteousness, and you will have all that you need.

  34. Faith In Action Fellowship

    Good Word, Lbolm. dd

  35. I agree there is quite a difference between faithful and faithfilled. :^) I think faithfilled is what the books, at least for me, the first two, in Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations With God series, those which I have and am writing about extensively on my own site, are all about. Nice work here, nice site. Pleased to have met you. :^) gene

  36. Kim


    Neale Donald Walsch’s books are New Age. Walsch is terribly deceived and believes he is talking with God..but he is channeling, and those who channel are truly not talking with God but with unclean spirits. Please pray for truth.

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