Why pray amiss ? A look at Acts12!

I was recently re-reading Acts12 and as I was reading it again, I got something I hadn’t even seen before.

The story is of Peter being imprisoned and his subsequent release from prison by an angel of The Lord. All of this is great stuff and we have read it and heard it preached, BUT, here is where I want to take you.

In Verse 12, when Peter appears at the door of the house where others had been praying, presumably for him, they didn’t believe it was him.

The Holy Spirit hit me with this, ” Why bother to pray for something if you can’t even believe in it when it happens?”.

Jesus taught us that if we pray, believing, then we shall receive. [Mark 11:24]

Here these people had been praying for God to intercede on Peter’s behalf, and when HE does, they can’t believe it is true.

That really sounds like the “Church” of today. Most of them praying for something from God and really not expecting God to answer their prayers.

Lord, I believe, BUT, help my unbelief!!!

That’s a sad statement! BUT, yet it is true of many today in their prayer life!

Why is it that they can trust God for their Salvation, but have difficulty trusting HIM for anything else?

God loves us more than we can imagine. We can not fathom that kind of Love. He is looking for someone to Love HIM back, with all our heart!! Not half of it. Fully Love Him and Trust Him with all of your heart and your need. HE won’t let you down and you can REALLY BELIEVE it to be true !




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8 responses to “Why pray amiss ? A look at Acts12!

  1. Great thoughts. I agree. We should be able to fathom that God hears our prayers, answers our prayers and only gives good answers to our prayers. Of course He gets to define what “good” is. We should thank Him in advance because we know that! God bless your work in His kingdom. Bryan http://seekinggodsheart.wordpress.com

  2. Brandon

    I blame science and evolution!

    No, i often think that’s some christian’s, including myself, basis of doubting even the existence of God, then other sciences which teach us how IMPOSSIBLE things are, and that things like “God” don’t exist.

    He created the laws of nature, He can do what he wants with them, eh?

    Sorry i don’t have time to think more on this, or atleast comment more, i’m in my 3rd period class, and the bells about to ring for it to start

    TTYL brah!

  3. Not only does God get to decide what is good, He sometimes says no for our own good. If God wanted to punish us, He only would need to say yes to all we ask. Thank you brother for your work. I enjoyed the first post I read here “Sinner Saved by Grace.” and am sure to spend more time reading your postings.

  4. Amen brother.

    Still waiting for you to come down to FIRE and visit me….

    mark jr.

  5. Ian Williams

    Jesus said to His disciples when they displayed unbelief at what God had done at His Word, “Have the faith of God” or “Have faith in God.”

    Real prayer is not communication WITH God, but it is the communication OF God; otherwise it is in vain or maybe “answered” by “others”. Real prayer is the speaking into being of the will of God – the realm of the Miraculous and the Masterly.

    When We declare the will of God in faith it comes to pass, but it is also possible to declare the will or prayer of God without even being particularly aware of it – hence God’s will often still gets done despite the credentials or experience of the person praying, if their heart’s intent is right – God will get His will expressed, as in the heaven, so in the earth. All He requires is that a man should believe – we are actually integral to the process – He is looking for faith – for the one man who will stand in the gap. I have come to learn that the “real” pray-ers are few and far between – those who have the God given confidence to simply speak and to see it manifest before them – BUT, the other mob use the same principles too, which is why we must put a watch over our mouths and advocate only that which is true, modest, righteous, pure, merciful, praiseworthy, and those acts of glorification and virtue.

    These people (Free Masons, Occultists and the like) know the importance of “hearing words” and that you are actually working by the faith of another – so we must be watchful as to what WE say, for whatever we preach or maintain will be either Christ or antichrist – our faith will either be unconsciously working for Christ or in opposition to Christ – as in “When did we do it, Lord?” It will either be affirming, reinforcing, maintaining, preaching, proclaiming righteousness and the image of Him, or it will be “speaking the problem”.

    Jesus, Paul, et al, only ever spoke of the problem to obviate the answer, not to reinforce or empower the problem, but to disempower it – to put it in the right perspective with the answer – but became we are all too much a part of the problem, because we tend to “see” problems instead of solutions, then we empower or substantiate the problem WITH OUR OWN FAITH! We have to learn to magnify the solution, to lift up, to exalt the solution – to diminish the good and evil paradigm by accentuating the kingdom reality which contains it. That our eye be single and our whole body flooded with light. Otherwise we might turn our back to the Light and so consider our own shadow to be something, and is so doing consider the shadows of others too, good or evil, but man’s impression is at best but a shadow of Gods glory.

    We have been conditioned by the good/evil paradigm to see in terms of opposites, hence the heaven and hell mentality. Once you realise that heaven actually contains all things, and that it is a spiritual dimension that is all pervasive, all inclusive and envelops all with itself, then you start to get truly free. BUT, it comes at the cost of forgiving all – to understand the ALLNESS of God you must comprehend His infinite capacity to forgive and to heal – however you are only ever manifestly free to the extent that you set free – if you want to be completely free then you must forgive all – this is not negotiable.

    The burgeoning kingdom, the advancing kingdom, is of such a burden and pressure to bless, to receive, to revive and to restore – it is forcing itself forwards and men of force are taking it by force! God is thrusting out His ever lasting arms and saying, “Take hold, I Am well able to sustain and to keep you”.

    We are coming to the culmination of the Age, and what is seen of the goodness of Man, of his attributes and achievements, is starkly contrasted by his destructiveness. Do not long for the world, nor the things of the world, which only end in destruction. Ask God to instruct you in prayer, and how to pray His will always, to have the sensitivity to have so grasped the kingdom that you hands are not free to meddle with this world’s good, nor to muddy your hands by messing with the clay – that’s the Potter’s job.


  6. I like this word, christian need a good study of the word and have to apply it. don’t know if we see things in the world more powerful than the one created it which is wrong and this has cause our unbelief.

    • Walt

      Alot of christians don’t understand the standard of being apart of the priesthood of God. They had to tie a rope with bell sounds to them in case they died in the presence of God. which means it would take great faith to be able to enter the courts of the lord.faith is a condition of completion of the brazen laver so God can distinguish the clean from the unclean or faith from the faithless.

  7. emily164

    right on time. Just as I was about giving up. I’ve now realised I pray without great expectation to recieve from a loving Father God bless you and make your oil run over.

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