Off to the Florida Healing Revival ! Update !!

Well it has been a couple of weeks since Teresa and I went to Lakeland Florida to check out what was going on there.

We got there on the morning of April 26, caught a quick nap and went to the morning services being held at Ignited Church, where the revival started.

The Praise and Worship music at the beginning was good and then they introduced Dr. Clarice Fluitt to the platform as the speaker. Even though she was well known to the crowd there, we had never heard of her nor knew what to expect. All I can say is WOW ! Her message was filled with the Agape Love of Father God and with the flow of The Holy Spirit. Many came forward to give their lives to Christ and to ask God to forgive them of their sins.

We rested and reflected that afternoon and then made the short trip over to Auburndale where the revival had moved to, after out growing the smaller venue. We stood in line patiently waiting to get in and conversed with many people from all over the U.S. who we were standing by. The biggest thing I kept hearing was how “Hungry” they were for more of God.

I noticed my left arm started twitching pretty hard and about that time a young lady we had met that morning came walking by. I stopped her to share with her about that morning and the fellowship. I noticed a cloth type brace on her left arm. I knew right off that this was why my arm had been twitching. I asked her about it and she said it was from “carpel tunal” and that it had been bothering her. I asked her if I could pray for it and I “know that I know” that she received her healing. She walked away rejoicing!

We finally got in to the facility and Teresa and I were in the very tail of the last group to get in, before the max capacity. We got in and couldn’t find a seat but we stayed and just worshipped God the Father from where we were. There was such a “presence” in that place. I have felt the “healing presence” before and I knew this to be what I was feeling in my spirit.

I truly believe God to be on the move at Lakeland Florida, in spite of or despite of what things may look like or sound like to the natural mind. Why does God use some of the people that He uses ? I can only think of what happened for me personally when I got “called” to do this ministry that God has placed on me. Of all the people and of all the places in the world, why me and why here, is what I asked the Lord. He reminded me that in His Kingdom, the least shall become first [or greatest]. I can honestly say that I felt like Saul of Tarsus, when he had been “called”, and I said “well God, if you can use a murderer like Saul, then surely you can use me”. Saul, later Paul, says in Galatians 1, that he wasn’t “called by man” but by God, and a few verses over from that he says that the things that he spoke of was given to him by the revelation of Jesus, taught by the Spirit [paraphrase mine].

The end results of any ministry work, small or large, should be that people would come to know God The Father through the Son, Jesus Christ. We can’t go into anything with blinders on, unable to tell God on the move from whatever else may be on the move. BUT, we can’t go in with preconceived notions of who, what or where God will move, therefore, hindering God’s Spirit from moving. As I stated in my original post a few weeks ago, “if this is not from God, then it will fail”, But if it is from God, then those who are opposing this move, are struggling against God. I believe that as there have been many attacks on Christianity and it’s authenticity over the centuries, Christianity has stood the test of time, therefore let this “outpouring” stand the test of time.

All the “arm chair quarterbacks” out there making judgements and taking stabs at this move would do good to remind themselves that there were some weird goings on in Jesus ministry as well. I am certain that someone thought it weird when Jesus picked up some dirt and spit in it and rubbed it in the eyes of a blind man. There probably was some “naysayers” around on another occasion when Jesus laid hands on a blind man, without a complete healing right off the bat. It took 3 tries. Those naysayers were probably grumbling right off about “see I told you he wasn’t a true healer” and then went off to tell others about it. I KNOW IT DOESN”T SAY THAT IN OUR BIBLE ! I am just making reference to those who would try and disprove something before they have had the chance to test it over a period of time!! The heart of man seems to never change when it comes to these things. That is until it happens to them personally!! That’s why we call it a “testimony”. When we have personally gone through something and seen the hand of God move on our behalf, NO AMOUNT of naysayers can change our minds. WE KNOW THAT WE KNOW !!

In closing and in all fairness, we went to two morning sessions at Ignited Church and there was more teaching and a sense of closer one to one ministry there then what was going on in the evening sessions. Do I regret going ? NO ! Not at all.

I learned a few years ago about “running all over the place to be where God was moving”. The same God that you are seeking at these meetings is already here within each of us, for the Kingdom of God is within you, says The Lord Jesus!   Jesus tells us to GO ye therefore……. ! We should strive to remember that the best way to get more of God, for those of us who are hungry for Him, is to give some of Him away. Has anyone seen the Kingdom of God from you today ?? Has anyone felt HIS Agape Love from you today ??         GO, GO, GO !!! Spread the Good News !!

Love in Christ Jesus






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2 responses to “Off to the Florida Healing Revival ! Update !!

  1. Dear Sir,

    I am Fahim Qaiser from Pakistan . I have studied your web site, and I found

    it the most wonderful site to get right to the True Word of God. My suggestion for you is to create your material in my language of Urdu and Punjabi also. It will bring lots of blessings of the Word of God for the Pakistani and Indian Urdu and Punjabi speaking people. For that purpose I as a translator will bring your material into Urdu languages and into Punjabi language as well.

    Although it will take your low expenses as well, as fund for the Word of God to reach out to the deserving people. I my self, work on a local radio station also. Many times it becomes difficult for us to keep doing this because of being minorities and because of the lack of the financial resources. I will wait for your response.

    Fahim Qaiser ( Pakistan ).

  2. Thanks Fahim,
    We will take it into prayerfull consideration.
    We are pleased to have reached over 90 countries around the world with our little site.
    I would encourage you to also check out my other site at

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