What’s up at LBOLM ?

Hi everyone !

It’s been awhile since I wrote any new post here, and for that I am sorry. HOWEVER, I have really been busy over the last several weeks getting our new location up and going. God has been so good to us over the last few weeks with services and goods just pouring in to help with this project.

God told me that “on the other side of obedience is a blessing”. We have started our part and HE is full -filling HIS part and more.

We pray for the Harvest of MORE souls as well as more that are hungry to serve HIM and grow the Kingdom.

I truly believe we are in the final days before King Jesus returns and that we need to step up ALL efforts in The Body to get the Good News out !

Be Blessed and keep us in your prayers as we undertake this calling here in our local missions field!

Love in Christ Jesus

Pastor Jake 


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