An Observation about The Lakeland Revival.

I was watching last night, June 9th, 2008 and was somewhat suprised when David Tomberlane introduced a gentleman from Lebanon to speak. The gentleman was a spry 78 year old, I forget his name, and he gave a testimony about his life and how God had helped him in many area of life. It was pretty good, what all he had been through, the ups and downs of life.

Here is what really got me ! This man gives a good old fashioned alter call !! Praise God !! As he was speaking about getting your life right with God, I noticed that the crowd had grown quite and some even appeared to be leaving, or at least the tent. As he started urging people to come and get right with God, it was slow in the begining, but the next thing you know, there was a good many down at the altar. We don’t know why they were there, nor is it for us to know. They were there because the Holy Spirit led them to the altar. That much I believe.

Then, after leading them through a prayer of salvation and repentance, the gentleman starts asking people if any of them felt God healing them in any area of their body. This went on for a few minutes, without a whole lot of response.

Then, David Tomberlane, said that he felt “That God was wanting to release another wave of healing”, as if there had already been one. My point was this. This guy from Lebanon gave a good message and a very good alter call. BUT, it wasn’t as excitable as normal. The atmosphere wasn’t as “pumped up” as usual. Could it be that David Tomberlane felt that the people was losing interest and that he needed to get them “pumped up”, my word, and excited, “That God was wanting to release a new wave of healing”.

I don’t know. Maybe it was just me. But, there seemed to be a sort of feeling in the air, that ” Todd is not here tonight, and things are not happening like normal”. If what I was sensing last night to be the case, then is it that maybe some of the critics have been right. That there is a “lot of hype”.

I believe God to have been stirring things up at Lakeland in the begining. Just my opinion. But if what I was feeling last night to be the case, could it be that the Hand of God is not on it anymore ?

As I said in my original post, ” If it ain’t from God, it will fail. But if it is, then you are fighting against God”.

I for one am just not going to fight against God.




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41 responses to “An Observation about The Lakeland Revival.

  1. Groovy Girl (formerly Sarah)

    I totally agree with you about the atmosphere of last night’s meeting. I think that goes to show that most of the people there don’t go for the word of God and alter calls. They go for the excitement and emotional high – albeit a temporary one.

    I disagree with you however, that God was behind this revival in the beginning. I think an examination of Bentley’s teachings and beliefs clearly show that he is not moving in the Spirit of God. Too much of what he says is anti and extra scriptural. I truly believe that the purpose of this revival from the beginning has been to deceive and lead away, and for the most part, it appears (sadly) to be successful.

  2. lbolm

    Thanks GG [Groovy Girl] for coming by.
    As far as the move of God in the begining thing, I meant that God may have been moving and accomplishing His Will in spite of or despite of any wrong teachings from Todd. I don’t believe God has to come into agreement with a situation in order to move in it. He is not dependant on man, but is able to do what and where and when He wants to. Just my opinion.

    Love in Christ Jesus

  3. Paul

    LOL Jake do I detect a bit of conservitavism happening with you? Perhaps miracles have not ceased after all !!( just kidding You know I still believe that God performs miracles)

    I would disagree with you on one point here, you suspect that God may have lifted his hand from Lakeland. I would argue that His hand was never there approvingly in the first place but that the work of God may be in the opening of peoples eyes to this deception.

    Hey Jake at least we agree on creation if not much else eh?

    Blessings , Paul.

  4. Groovy Girl (formerly Sarah)

    I understand what you’re saying – but I believe we (the body of Christ) are at an important point is history. I believe that false prophets are gaining popularity at an alarming rate, leading many – even some of the elect – into deception. Based on what I have heard Bentley say with my own ears, and what I have read of his writings posted on his own web site, it is my personal opinion that Todd isn’t just “a little off” in his theology, as I’ve heard many say. I truly feel that he is operating under the direction of a demonic spirit, whose express purpose is to deceive and cause many to fall away. And I believe it is our duty as Christians to warn as loudly and as many people as we can not to allow these spirits and “angels” into their lives. I have heard many stories of extremely negative consequences that have followed desperate and hurting people having been “imparted” with Bentley’s “fire”.


  5. lbolm

    I thought you had went COMPLETELY to being a cessasionist! LOL !

    It is good to see you back blogging again.

    Yes we agree on creation, and if the truth were known, we probably agree on a lot of other things too.

    Now if I could get Tim back to talking to me again. I miss him .

    Love in Christ Jesus

  6. Paul

    No Jake not completely just partially. The God I serve is able to do all things but will never do anything contrary to scripture. My God has limited himself to the constraints and doctrines of scripture. Personally I’m better off safe than sorry. ( Don’t wish to open a worm can here but I do think the biblical gift of tongues has ceased so I know we’ll not agree there ) True Jake we probibly agree on way more than we disagee on, you are correct in that respect.

    I’m not quite ready to start writing essays ( Bloggs) yet. Perhaps some day in the future.
    take care.

  7. Lee


    It’s good to see you over here as I recognize you from Miriam’s blog. And, you know from my postings over there that I also believe that Bentley is not ‘just a little off’ on his theology and practices. He is imparting something demonic IMO, most probably kundalini or serpent’s power. I want nothing to do with it.

    Given that, I agree on your stance that God was not in it from the beginning. I do believe that God meets us where we are; and, if there are individuals who just can’t see through to the unholy spirit/s there either because they’re new in the faith or just for some reason do not know better and they are truly seeking real Truth, God may just be there for those individuals. But, that’s a supposition. Me, I’d rather stay away from this stuff.



    And, you know from my other postings here on your own site my position on the Lakeland ‘event.’ I did not view any recent footage; so, I’m at a disadvantage here. However, assuming what you said is correct — and, I’ve no reason to believe you’re lying — I must say I’m glad a REAL altar call was given. However, very telling was the response of those who left and the very slow move down front from those who did.

    Given, the reports of a very strange spirit that evening (again, I’ve no first hand point of reference) is it possible that Tomberlane’s testimony and altar call was a ruse? I mean just what happened with those who came forth? Were they led to the correct eternal life-giving Gospel once up front or were they given ‘another gospel’ as I believe has been given to date. OK, call me a conspiracy theorist; but, I’ve a very hard time believing ANYTHING good is coming out of such blatantly false and/or demonic goings-on.

    On the other hand, perhaps this was a glimmer of sunshine amidst the storms of the last two months.

  8. lbolm

    The testimony and altar call from last night,June 9, had nothing to do with David Tomberlane. It came from a guest speaker. This guy isn’t part of the regular team there in Lakeland, and from what I gather, is not a regular with Todd either.
    GG, if you are still there, may can shed light on that end of it, as she may have been watching it too.
    I think you are referring to another night a couple of nights ago.

    You wrote : “OK, call me a conspiracy theorist; but, I’ve a very hard time believing ANYTHING good is coming out of such blatantly false and/or demonic goings-on.”

    I believe it may have been possible that God was using this gentleman from Lebanon last night. As GG noticed, the response was not quick, nor did it seem popular with the crowd in most cases.

    ALL of this was my observations though!
    Is there anyone else out there that saw June 9th broadcast of the Lakeland Revival ?

  9. Lee


    My bad on Tomberline instead of the Lebanon gentleman. I read through the post too fast.

  10. Lee


    And, I may be confusing this with another night since I’ve not been viewing it at all recently. What I saw weeks ago and few videos I’ve seen since then are enough.

  11. lbolm

    There has definetly been a shift in the last week. There has been a certain tension in the air.

  12. Lee


    I understand what you’re saying – but I believe we (the body of Christ) are at an important point is history. I believe that false prophets are gaining popularity at an alarming rate, leading many – even some of the elect – into deception.

    Yes, I do believe this is a separating of the wheat from the tares. However, I disagree with you about some of the elect led into deception — although maybe not depending on your exact meaning. I believe scripture makes it clear that the elect will not be deceived […to deceive even the elect – if that were possible Matt 24:24]; however, if you mean temporarily deceived, I’ll buy that.

  13. Lee


    Yes, I’ve heard about the shift or ‘feel’ of the event being changed — negative rather than positive.

    But, then again, if the star of the show is not there people will not stay long. This is not different than a rock concert. Of course, the star should be God — not the ‘Holy Spirit.’

  14. lbolm

    Finaly someone else has read that scripture correctly !

  15. lbolm

    I am not convinced that The Holy Spirit is the star there either

  16. Lee


    Yes, that’s why I put the ” around ‘Holy Spirit’ above.

    Regarding the Matthew 24:24 scripture, for the record, I did have that correct (full and in context) over on your first Bentley article from 6 weeks or so ago. It was in my 1st or 2nd comment.

  17. Ron Larson

    I also am convinced that not only is Bentley a “lttle off”, but his theology, and behaviours and the manefistations are particularly occultic, and demonic. Another thing to clearly mention is his associations with very well know false prophets and teahers such as Bob Jone and Paul Cain. If you look at the history of their so-called “prophecies”, these events in Lakeland is not some sort of spontaneous outpouring as meany are falsely led to beleive. This is my opinion was a well crafted deception and the “prophetic” seeds for this were palnted earlier this winter, if not sooner. The reslut tragically is that there are many even the elect who are being manipulated by this charlatan. Whether one calims to be a “charismatic” or cessationist isn’t an issue, the issue is a great deception is defiling our brethren, and we need to continue to warn, rebuke correct, and plead with especially pastors to stear clear of this end time heresy.

  18. Unfortunately I have seen this time after time. When a meeting is not the usual “Bam, bam, boom”, so to speak, invariably, someone has to get the “Spirit” moving. Maybe the gentleman from Lebanon was actually sent by the Lord to test the hearts of the people. After all, genuine revival should be about repentance, and not shrieking, flapping about wildly and writhing all over the floor.

  19. Tammie

    People are vulnerable to this false teaching. The church has allowed watered down relevant teaching which is suppose to bring the word of God down to man, but I believe the word should always call us to a higher standard. The conditions are ripe for false prophets. People are hurting and are seeking after a word or sign. So christians seek after the prophetic instead of the soothsayer. We do need revival and I believe God is bringing it to us. The word says that miracles, signs and wonders will follow. Follow what? The rightly divided word of God going forth. I believe there is a stearn warning to those that change the word of God.

    Prophecy has it place and when it is truly of the Lord it does the work it is suppose to.
    I believe we need a little more “hell fire and brimstone Johnathan Edwards kind of preaching” and a lot less of this “new age watered down, make me feel good about my sin preaching.”

  20. cheryl U.

    groovey girl,

    Could you tell us more about the negative thngs you have heard of happening after a Lakeland impartation? Thanks.

  21. I think all one needs to do is look on YouTube at the behavior taking place. It’s not just that, it is also the placing of experiences, such as supposed angelic visitations, new revelations on the same pedestal as the Bible, or, as some have pointed out, even higher.

  22. Groovy Girl (formerly Sarah)

    Well, first let me tell you that, as far as the “elect” being deceived, I do believe it’s happening. I certainly HOPE it’s temporary – but my husband, who is a drummer here in Lakeland, is how I first found out about the revival. He was a professional musician in the secular world for many years, but has been saved for about 15 years, and has been playing in church for that long, as well as reaching out to the unsaved in certain secular events since then.

    What he has been strugling with as of late (as have I), is the “structure” or time limits put on praise and worship in the mainstream churches. What made him originally want to check out the Bentley meetings was his longing for freedom in worship, and the liberty to allow the Spirit to move (all within the boundaries of order as outlined in scripture). So when he started hearing about the hour to hour and a half worship, he was interested.

    But after suggesting we check it out, he agreed that I should research Bentley first (I research EVERYTHING). As a matter of fact, when he mentioned Todd Bentley, I asked, “Do you know anything about this guy?”, and he said, “NO, but I’m sure in an hour YOU will!”

    His teachings on angels sent red flags up immediately. My mother was involved in New Age stuff for a while (might still be), and in my research on that, I recognized many of the same concepts. I have spoken to someone here in Lakeland who, after allowing Todd to lay hands on them, felt they were healed for about 24 hours, then were not only NOT healed, they went into depression, and even questioned their salvation. I have also read several account on the endtimespropheticwords site that (although they are not fisthand) pretty much mirrored their experience .

    Last night I had someone close to me call asking about Todd Bentley. She was raised Catholic, and is not at all grounded spiritually or scripturally. But she has a one year old son with a brain tumor that will cause mental retardation at best, and death at worst. She is hurting. She is desperate. She loves her son, and would do anything to have him healed. She asked me about the revival, as several people have told her to go. They say, “What have you got to lose? If it isn’t of God, he won’t be healed, but he won’t be any worse off.” I disagree! I prayed with her, shared what I know to be true, and told her that if it were me, I wouldn’t let Todd Bentley touch my child with a ten foot pole!

    I think we are dealing with something VERY dark here. And I think alot Christians, sadly, do not recognize it.

  23. I would agree with you groovy, as one that has become more of a skeptic over the years, one wouldn’t even have to attribute it to demons. It’s the power of suggestion run amok. I wrote an entry on my blog about being mesmerized by Bentley when I first encountered him years ago. Professional stage illusionists will tell you exactly what is going on in these meetings. The thing that is dangerous is the fact that people will believe they are healed, then realize 24 hours later, they are not, only to have their lack of faith blamed for it. They will think God has spoken to them, when he has not, and make stupid decisions affecting their lives based on it. This is carny showmanship re-invented for the Evangelical church, and sadly people are buying it hook, line and sinker.

  24. cheryl U.

    Thanks Groovy Girl,

    I agree with you. The Lord is likely meeting earnest people there but I think it must be in spite of Todd Bentley. And if what Jake said in his article above is correct, I wonder if that won’t maybe even stop. What Bentley is doing in many cases bears absolutely no resemblance to the way the Bible shows us Jesus worked while on earth or any resemblance to the way the Sprit worked in the New Testament or what we were told to expect of His workings. I wouldn’t let Him touch me with a ten foot pole either.

  25. Lori

    I also do not believe that there was anything “real” from the very beginning,,after all, this is not Todd’s first revival,,just the first to get this big,, I want to throw up thinking of all those poor innocent people thinking he is the real thing. I would not want to be around Todd when he stands before our Lord. And I think many people go or are initially interested because they sincerely want to be healed…but if they would be that effort into the Word,,they probably would get a “Real” healing that way before anything Todd did. I am suffering right now from a broken heart for my church has jumped on Todd’s band wagon,,so a church I have put my heart and soul into, I had to walk out of this past Sunday,,I feel so betrayed and yet so sick to my stomach too. Some of my best friends are there, and stuck under that horrible unclean annointing. I wanted to grab them and say run!!!! But they were led down the path and they followed. PLease pray for me,,,I am so so sad,,,,,,,,,

  26. Rob


    Thought I’d pop by. I too watched that part of Lakeland, and I had the same response. “Hey, he’s giving a real salvation message and a real alter call.” I was disappointed when it seemed a bit forced after that.


  27. earthless wrote this to our “Testimonies from Lakeland Revival” ;

    “I would like to invite you to our Lakeland thread – we are looking for self-professing believers that can show us with the Word of God how Todd’s teachings, claims, and antics are biblical:”

    Please join us – iron sharpens iron.


  28. This is a post that is being transferred from the testinmonies blog to here.

    Paul Wrote,
    God Bless you Jesus is Alive

  29. This is another post that is being transferred from the testimonies blog to here.It is from an evangelist in the UK.

    Angels are made subject unto us

    Angels are subject unto you, that means they are to obey your orders when you tell them to retrieve the promises of God. Also they are to be used to attack spiritual and earthly problems that afflict you in your life. But they will only obey you, if you are a child of God, for then you have the authority to use the name of Jesus.
    Now, Jesus said that the spirits are subject unto you, in St Luke 10v20, “ notwithstanding in this rejoice not that the spirits are subject unto you”. Jesus was speaking of evil spirits at that time. But we also know that He meant angel spirits, for it is written in Hebrews 1v7, “ and of the angels He saith, Who maketh His angels spirits.”
    Now the evil spirits will not obey you, because they are evil. We can see this in the example of where the disciples tried to cast out an evil spirit, which refused to go, then they had to go to Jesus for Him to cast out the demon.
    Now angel spirits are very good and obedient to God’s Word. They know that Jesus has made them subject unto us and so they will always obey us. For they were created to obey and glorify Christ.

    Angels Everywhere
    Oh, if we could only see into the unseen world, then we would not be so fearful of this life. Elisha the prophet of God prayed for his servant that God would open his eyes, and when his servant saw the heavens full of chariots of fire he was no longer afraid.
    Many years ago there was a lady in a little Pentecostal Church in Cornwall who was afraid of living alone in her flat, so when Diane and I took her home after Church, we prayed for angels all around her flat, and in every room and cupboard. Her faith rose up in her so much, it was as if she saw angels everywhere, and all fear and loneliness left her. Oh, if only we would believe.
    “The angel of the Lord encampeth around about them that fear Him, and delivereth the,” {Psalm 34 v 7}. Praise the Lord!

  30. cheryl U.


    What do you think of this last commentor’s assertions that angels are subject to us? If that is so, I would sure have to wonder why the only angels we ever see any one commanding in the NT are the evil ones!

  31. Cheryl U,
    I wouldn’t want that being taught in LBOLM. This seems to be taking things out of context to me.
    I haven’t studied “angels” that much, though I think I touched one last year, AND therefore would rather do some more research about angels being subject to us. My understanding is that we are to Pray to the Father, for what it is we are “seeking” from Him, and even then, we are to ask it in Jesus Name. God directs the angels at His Will.
    As far as the statement about “Now the evil spirits will not obey you, because they are evil. We can see this in the example of where the disciples tried to cast out an evil spirit, which refused to go, then they had to go to Jesus for Him to cast out the demon.”
    And this guy is an evangelist ?
    We are instructed in Matthew and Mark particuliarly to “cast out demons”! We are told to “resist the devil and he shall flee”. Come on!!

    This kind of stuff bothers me more than what i have seen from TB in Lakeland !!

  32. Here is a Matthew Henry comment on Hebrews 2:5 concerning some of what we are talking about:

    Humble, cautious fear is urged, lest any should come short of the promised rest, through unbelief.

    Neither the state in which the church is at present, nor its more completely restored state, when the prince of this world shall be cast out, and the kingdoms of the earth become the kingdom of Christ, is left to the government of the angels: Christ will take to him his great power, and will reign. And what is the moving cause of all the kindness God shows to men in giving Christ for them and to them? it is the grace of God. As a reward of Christ’s humiliation in suffering death, he has unlimited dominion over all things; thus this ancient scripture was fulfilled in him. Thus God has done wonderful things for us in creation and providence, but for these we have made the basest returns. (Heb 2:10-13)

    Let me break it down this way !
    “Neither the state in which the church is at present, nor its more completely restored state, is left to the government of the angels.

    Billy used Hebrews 1:7 to build his case but THAT IS AN OUT AND OUT FALSEHOOD!

    From Matthew Henry Commentary on this passage ;
    “Many Jews had a superstitious or idolatrous respect for angels, because they had received the law and other tidings of the Divine will by their ministry. They looked upon them as mediators between God and men, and some went so far as to pay them a kind of religious homage or worship. Thus it was necessary that the apostle should insist, not only on Christ’s being the Creator of all things, and therefore of angels themselves, but as being the risen and exalted Messiah in human nature,
    to whom angels, authorities, and powers are made subject. To prove this, several passages are brought from the Old Testament. On comparing what God there says of the angels, with what he says to Christ, the inferiority of the angels to Christ plainly appears. Here is the office of the angels; they are God’s ministers or servants, to do his pleasure. But, how much greater things are said of Christ by the Father! And let us own and honour him as God; for if he had not been God, he had never done
    the Mediator’s work, and had never worn the Mediator’s crown. It is declared how Christ was qualified for the office of Mediator, and how he was confirmed in it: he has the name Messiah from his being anointed. Only as Man he has his fellows, and as anointed with the Holy Spirit; but he is above all prophets, priests, and kings, that ever were employed in the service of God on earth. Another passage of Scripture, Ps 102:25 to 27, is recited, in which the Almighty power of the Lord Jesus Christ is declared, both in creating the world and in changing it. Christ will fold up this world as a garment, not to be abused any longer, not to be used as it has been. As a sovereign, when his garments of state are folded and put away, is a sovereign still, so our Lord, when he has laid aside the earth and heavens like a vesture, shall be still the same. Let us not then set our hearts upon that which is not what we take it to be, and will not be what it now is. Sin has made a great change in the world for the worse, and Christ will make a great change in it for the better. Let the thoughts of this make us watchful, diligent, and desirous of that better world. The Saviour has done much to make all men his friends, yet he has enemies. But they shall be made his footstool, by humble submission, or by utter destruction. Christ shall go on conquering and to conquer. The most exalted angels are but ministering spirits, mere servants of Christ, to execute his commands. The saints, at present, are heirs, not yet come into possession. The angels minister to them in opposing the malice and power of evil spirits, in protecting and keeping their bodies, instructing and comforting their souls, under Christ and the Holy Ghost. Angels shall gather all the saints together at the last day, when all whose hearts and hopes are set upon perishing treasures and fading glories, will be driven from Christ’s presence into everlasting misery.

    I hope this clarifies , al least my take on this matter as well !

  33. cheryl U.


    I wonder how it is that people totally forget about the verse that talks about Satan being transformed into an angel of light and his ministers, ministers of righteousness?II Cor 11:14-15 If God hasn’t given us any authority to command His angels, I wonder who it is that might be answering these commands if indeed anyone is? Sounds like treading on pretty dangerous ground to me.


  34. Cheryl:
    I think they forget because those “ministers” offer something that appeals to our sensual side. Have you ever been to any of those meetings? Look, I don’t mean to sound graphic here, but I’ve heard women moaning and writhing on the floor, under the “anointing”, and I couldn’t tell the difference between what I heard in a porn movie! (No, that is NOT an exaggeration.)

    When I lived in another city here in Canada during the Toronto Blessing, a sister church was holding renewal meetings. People would leave the church, drive down the road, and ended up being pulled over because of erratic driving. The church just laughed it off, stating they were under the influence of the anointing! I wonder if they would have said that if any of those drivers plowed into a child crossing the street?

    Paul warns us about abandoning sound doctrine to hear those that will tickle our ears. Sounds like that is what is happening here.

  35. cheryl,
    “I wonder who it is that might be answering these commands if indeed anyone is? Sounds like treading on pretty dangerous ground to me.”

    I must be missing something here, or maybe not understanding clearly, what you are saying.

    My understanding is that God sends His angels to do His Will, We may ask for Him to do so, but , it is His Will that determines the outcome of that.
    We have the authority to command demons,devils,evil spirits, to leave and have been commanded to do so. Mark 16 and Matthew 10 both come to mind.
    And for Evangelist Billy, he would do well to read Luke 10:17: And the seventy returned again with joy, saying, Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name.

    Anyway, cheryl, please let me know if I misunderstood what you were saying

    Love In Christ Jesus

  36. cheryl U.


    I might need to go back and read Billy’s whole comment again–I might have missed something there. Seems I’m good at that lately! But what I meant was, since he believes we can command the “good angels” and we have been given no Scriptural authority to do so, if he is commanding the good ones and getting results, I wonder where the results are actually coming from since God has given us no authority to do so. Does that make what I was saying any clearer?

  37. DING DING !!!!
    Clear as a bell !

  38. My concern would be in the message these supposed angels are conveying to Todd. Therein lies the problem, Paul warns us that even if an angel of God tells us a Gospel other than that which was preached, he is cursed. Quite frankly, some of the descriptions Todd relates about his angelic encounters resemble or parallel the description of those that claim to have undergone “alien” abduction. I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t consider Todd Bentley a source of good spiritual fruit. He may be a nice guy, but…

  39. Michael wrote : ” Therein lies the problem, Paul warns us that even if an angel of God tells us a Gospel other than that which was preached, he is cursed”.

    Michael it would be helpful if you would post what Scripture referrence you are getting that from.


  40. cheryl U.


    Is this the verse you were referring to? It’s the only one I can think of that says anything like this. “But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.” Gal 1:8 KJV

  41. That would be the one! (Didn’t have my bible handy!)

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