Testimonies from the Lakeland Revival !

This is a post for anyone who has actually been to the Lakeland Revival where evangelist Todd Bentley has been holding extended meetings now for 60+ days.

Whatever your experience in the revival was, positive or negative, we want to hear it! If you have actual documented proof of any healing and want to share it with the world, let me know in your post and I will contact you for that info.

PLEASE, do not post any second hand testimonies about “what you heard from someone else”. Only what you personaly KNOW to be the truth.

This post is limited to ONLY those who have been there and is not to be used as a “debate” post. Any post outside of an actual testimony WILL BE DELETED ! If you want to debate the revival there are a couple of places on this site already where you can participate in those type of discussions. Thanks for your cooperation in this.

Living Bread of Life Ministry is in no way connected with Todd Bentley or any of his associates. We are just asking for those who will, to share what you experienced in Lakeland .

Thanks and God Bless !



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6 responses to “Testimonies from the Lakeland Revival !

  1. Here is a link to a recent post of mine dealing with the Lakeland Revival. I attended two and a half days of services.


  2. Michael

    My wife and I met my daughter and grandaughter at the Revival in the new airport facility. We enjoyed a true worshipfull experience. My wife felt heat on her knee that was swollen and painfull from a old injury. The swelling was gone and the pain was gone Praise the Lord. My daughter also was healed of a ruptured disc with no more back pain and complete mobility. She also felt heat in her back. They were laying hands on each other and praying for each other when they recieved their healing.

  3. lbolm

    To Layla:
    I have already contacted Michael by email reguesting any Drs. report and also ask for future follow up with him.
    As stated in my original post, this is for testimonies ONLY and therefore ALL comments or questions can be handled through contacting me directly. I am sorry, but this post will not become a debate on the Revival.

    Thanks to everyone for your cooperation!

    Love in Christ Jesus
    Pastor Jake Kilgus
    Living Bread of Life Ministry

  4. Here is a follow up with Michael’s testimony of healing for his wife and daughter.:

    “Hello Pastor Jake,
    Sorry for the late response but I was late checking my e-mails. We were in the Lakeland Revival May 30 and 31 Friday and Saturday. The Friday nite service was filled with a very hungry and expectant crowd. The worsip service lasted about 3 hours and was very intense with the presence of God. Todd Bentley said that healing was in this anointing of worship and praise. This is when my wife and daughter recieved their healing as we all prayed for one another.
    They did not go to the doctor before or after as these were old injuries. My wife and my daughter are still healed. Thank you Jesus!
    You may contact me at any time.”

    This is from an email I got this AM.
    17 days have passed and both women seem to be healed.
    Neither woman has been to a DR. to date, to confirm their healing.

    Thanks and God Bless
    Pastor Jake

  5. I had many questions on the first two days (of 4) that I was in Lakeland. For example, when the Pastor of the congregation of Ignited says, “I have no idea where my congregation is right now.” Is that something I want to be able to say? The other thing that I dealt with, because I was on the ministry team each night, were the needs were so overwhelming. I had on young boy (about 5) that was just diagnosed with cerebral palsy. My heart went out to him as well as so many others. I had to decide to ignore the overwhelming need and just pray my heart out. I happened to have 3 of the people that I prayed for share their testimonies. One got up on stage and was healed of Parkinsons. Another came to me the night after I had cast a demon out of her and said, “I was able to eat today for the first time in 22 years and not throw up.” Another gal caught me as I was leaving for the last time and was excited because her right ear, that was 80% deaf, was totally healed. I can say now that this probably would not have taken place here at home. The atmosphere and expectation was greater in Lakeland. We have many healings at our church, but it’s worth it to go where there is a great level of faith. Yes, there are many who are not healed, but others are healed that wouldn’t have been. blessings, pastor andy from Onalaska, Wi.

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