Broken elbow healed! Ex-rays to boot!

So what do we do with this one?



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5 responses to “Broken elbow healed! Ex-rays to boot!

  1. Chairos Seeker

    Except to the extent that the absence of available evidence points to the possibility that Todd Bentley is either mistaken or deceitful, evidence of healing is irrelevant. Scripture is clear that teachers are to be judged by their teaching and its fruit, not by demonstration of spiritual power (cf. Deut. 13, 2 Thess. 2, etc.). The primary issue isn’t Todd Bentley’s appearance, behavior, or spiritual authority whether genuine or not. The issue is the extent to which his teaching lines up with the Word of God. On that count, his alleged commission to preach “the angel” rather than Jesus marks him as a false teacher. We can hope that he is deceived, rather than a deceiver, and that God visits His mercy on him. Todd Bentley is highly visible and is understood by many to represent Jesus Christ and His Church. I urge everyone to pray diligently that the love and truth of Christ would come upon him in power and that he would begin to lift up the cross of Christ.

  2. Amen on praying for TB.
    While we are at it, howabout praying for me and CS and everyone else around the world too.

  3. fortyyearsinthewilderness

    Great informative site!
    Check mine out at:

  4. 40years,
    Thanks for coming by.
    Did you really look over the whole site?

    In Christ Yahushua, [Jesus]

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