8-8-08 ” New Beginnings”

This is for those of you who are friends of lbolm and for any that would hear The Spirit of The Lord.


New Beginnings!


On July 20th, Father God spoke to me in the Spirit. We are entering into a season of “New Beginnings”, and some things have already started, in both the natural and the Spiritual realms. The number 8 is symbolic of “new beginnings’ in the scripture and in Leviticus, when Aaron and his son’s had finished 7 days of consecration and sanctification of themselves unto the Lord for His ministers, Moses took Aaron to the Tabernacle and the Fire of God fell in the sight of the whole assembly. This happened on the 8th  day!!!


We are going to have a special gathering on 8-8-08, to offer ourselves unto the Lord as His ministers and as His children. In preparation for this time, we want to enter into a corporate time of “prayer and fasting”. This is the instructions for this time, as I got them in my spirit from The Lord.


We are to do a “Daniel Fast” for the first six days of August. On the seventh day, we are to do a complete fast, except water.  **** {if you are unable to do this for health reasons, then you should seek The Lord in prayer for instructions for you personally on the fasting issue}


We are to focus our prayer time for specific things that The Lord spoke to me about!


August 1, we are to pray for our self, as far as letting Holy Spirit show us those deep things inside that we thought were no longer there. We need to “consecrate and sanctify” our spirit man, by letting Him cleanse us thoroughly. {Romans 12:1, 2}


August 2, we are to pray for our family, both those in the home and those away some where else. Pray for a cleansing for them as well, and a revelation of God, The Father, to those who don’t know Him.


August 3, we are to pray for His Family, The Body of Christ. Pray for a cleansing of those things in The Body that are not from Him. Pray for a revelation of God, as The Father and not some far away entity.


August 4, we are to pray for the return of Godly principles and standards into our schools in this land. Pray for the end of teaching “tolerance” to those things that are not from God, such as sex outside of marriage and homosexual lifestyles.


August 5, we are to pray for our local and state governments, that there would be a cleansing of those who operate outside of God’s will for His people. Pray that there would be a return of Godly standards to the political systems and Godly people would be lifted up into these offices. 1 Samuel 8:8


August 6, we are to pray for our nation and the nations of the world, that there would be a revelation of God, The Father, and that He would purge all of those, who lead this nation and the nations of the world, that don’t operate in Godly standards and principles.

1 Samuel 8:8


August7, we are to pray a “Prayer of Thanksgiving and Praise”, all day worshipping Him with “thanks and praise”. This is not a day to petition The Lord for our needs, BUT rather to lift Him up and draw close to Him.



On August 8th, we will have a “gathering” and offer up ourselves as a “Living Sacrifice”.

We will be in worship for some time that evening, so don’t come with concerns about going home. THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! We are to stay in His presence until He is through with us!


We will take Communion that night and will do a “Salt Covenant” as well.

This is a very serious time for The Body and we are not to take this time lightly.

God is moving His people into a “New Beginning” and those that are ready for a new level of Him and have prepared themselves for that will not be disappointed.
















Instructions for a “Daniel Fast”


During a “Daniel Fast” we are allowed to eat mostly vegetables. We also will eat nuts and fruit. We should abstain from as much sugar as possible. Drink plenty of water and you may drink unsweetened fresh fruit juice. A blended drink with certain fruits would make it naturally sweet. {AGAIN, if you have a problem with this because of health issues then PLEASE get with me and let’s seek The Lord on your behalf!}







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9 responses to “8-8-08 ” New Beginnings”

  1. Quite remarkable, but “New Beginnings” has been the theme for our church in ’08 based upon similar revelations near the end of last year. Come to think of it, it’s probably not “remarkable” after all, it just confirms that God is good and at work all over the world.

  2. Amen Peter,
    That is a confirming thing that God is doing it all over.
    As you made mention of your church having “similiar revelations near the end of last year”, I will tell you that for me NORMALLY, I get things in the Spirit for the upcoming year around August and September. Though LBOLM has been an “officially recognized church” for a few years now, we only recently opened the doors to our fellowship this past May. It was strange for me last year when I didn’t get anything in the Spirit, during the time that I would normally have.
    HE saved it all for me untill February of this year!! And since then there has beena good bit, most of which was for our local fellowship. Those things, I was not led to publish on this site. I was reluctant to publish this one to this site, but I was led to do so. Maybe someone out there needed to hear this word and possibly come into agreement to Fast and Pray during this time.

  3. Great word for this season and time. The Fire cannot go out, but must be lit continually for the Glory of God. Let’s keep the coals on the fire, so that the smoke may go up before God as sweet smelling savor to his nostrils.

  4. Denise

    We went through completion, to new beginnings and the 9 in 2009 will represent Harvest, God has been pruning us, shaping us to grow stronger, to stand and to use our Faith like never before, I happened to just have my normal vacation days off and went back to work on Aug. 4th and started a fast already because it seems lke it is everything and everyone around me, God has been stirring us all up for quite sometime , the rain down, outpour effect is also coming up as a message, saturate all, and they will come to know, yes God wants to give us a new thing, in so much. Just today I saw a monarch butterfly right in front of me…the symbol of the new beginnings, just God giving a sign and a promise…can’t wait to see and testify. God bless you all and this is the time…amen.

  5. Just wanted to thank you Guys and Gals for coming by the site over the last week, during this time of “setting apart”, that we were going through.
    As sort of an update as to how the week went for us at LBOLM.
    Did we have any maifestations of a “pillar of fire” or miracles such as in the “Wonders Realm”? No, not really.
    Did anyone have “cloven tongues of fire” fall on them and they start talking in tongues? No, but most of us already have that “gift of the Spirit” anyway.
    Were there any “healings”? A couple of “spiritual healings” and one with a severe sprain ankle that was healed within minutes of prayer.
    BUT, the biggest and most important thing that happened was this. GOD told us to do a thing and we were obedient to do it. We fasted. We prayed. We worshipped and praised HIM. AND, we partook of the “Salt Covenant” with HIM and each other.
    A couple of the women have had some dreams and visions already as well as one of the men. Our children have grown closer in this time as well.
    The “Fire of Revival” has been lit and stirred up in this little “family” of believers and we can see it pouring out into the streets, which is the real place that this ministry is called to be.
    Love you all !!
    In Christ Yahushua / Jesus
    Pastor Jake

  6. IWanthetruth

    “yes God wants to give us a new thing

    Just out of curiosity, what is the “new thing” that you are expecting from God. In reality didn’t He give us a “new thing” being Jesus Christ? What more does He need to bringabout that is “new”?

  7. IWant,
    For some , “the new thing”, may be a deeper revelation of an old thing. “I’ve read that hundreds of times and BAM it finally hit me”, or something like that.

    Just a thought to ponder.

  8. IWanthetruth

    “…God wants to give us a new thing…”

    In light of her comment, I don’t read from this portion of the comment that a “new thing” has anything to do with having or receiving a “deeper revelation” as in reading the word and having a portion of Gods word “enlightened” to us for better understanding.

    I believe she meant something else by that ,and that is why I asked her to please expound on what she means by that.

    I appreciate and totally understand your “input” though.

  9. Jan Hawkins

    You are being decieved. “New Beginnings” is the occultic agenda to bring in the antichrist! Because ‘dreams and visions’ are elevated above the written word of God, the charismatic church has literally brought occultism into the church. This “New Beginnings” is what Alice Bailey, the New Age occultic medium channeled from demons. “Restoration” of the church, ‘transformation’, constant “anointings” are all signs of this occultism. We are anointed ONCE (1 John 2:27) A “Fresh” word is the phrase that Bailey heard from demons that we must eradicate the “old” order of doctrine and go by spirit realm revelations ONLY. We see the demise of the church as we see 1) experience replace the written word, 2) the armor of God (for defense not offense) replaced by the mantle of ‘prophets”, 3) the person of the Holy spirit replaced by the “Force” spirit, 4) “mantras” replace singing, “altered states of consciousness” replace true worship and etc. SO many people are always looking for experiences to make God prove Himself. We need the written word ONLY to give truth. Any “present Truth” is occultism. Research “new beginnings” and see that the “Wave of the Spirit” and the “Awakening” came from occultic mediums…it means when the world accepts the Universal Philosophy of the One WOrld CHurch which the charismatic church ‘thinks’ is a ‘global’ church. NOwhere in Scripture does it say a ‘global’ church comes before the Rapture. This is significant because churches today are looking for “the King” but its not Christ. He comes as the bridegroom to take us away from the Tribulation and returns WITH us after the tribulation, but the once sound churches ar following the world now in looking for the false King. I urge everyone to research the occultic influence of ‘new wineskins’ that is in the church. This term was simply used by Jesus to say that once we are saved by grace we no longer need to go back to the law. But the churches today use it as a ploy to eradicate doctrine, and tradition. THe Bible says to avoid anyone who doesnt teach His doctrine, yet churches today say to get rid of doctrine. “For in the last days, men shall no longer endure sound doctrine” (Timothy) Even in ‘worship’ songs today there is no mention of GOd or Christ. Its as if they are songs sung to a lover. I pray that everyone that reads this also knows that Mike BIckel is now teaching about the “new thing” that is emerging, and this ‘new thing’ is the one world church. Mike Bickel is a false prophet and leading millions away from the truth of scripture. He has taken them out of the confines of the safety of Biblical dispensations. His teaching of the ‘rain of the spirit’ is also occultism that came from Jane Lead, a 16th century mystic who foresaw the coming of Satans spirit that will inhabit those who reject the Lord after the Rapture during the kingdom of the antichrist. Mike Joyner who a teaches a militancy against those who ‘go against the spirit’ is duplicating the occultic agenda to get rid of any “Logos” people for ‘spirit people” only. I pray everyone that reads this sees the deception in the charismatic church. Even now contrary to Revelation’s teaching that the church will be a chaste virgin when she marries Christ, the charismatic church is teaching that the church is “pregnant” with “the christ” and will “birth” a “corporate Christ” which is identical to the occultic view of the One World Church being ‘birthed”. Just as ALice Bailey foresaw, the church is becoming, Universal, Occultic and Militant. I pray that everyone read the book by Kevin Reeves “THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RIVER”. He began to compare the goings on in his church to Scripture and saw he had been decieved for 14 years. He now attends a church that looks to the Logos only. Also Jane Lead also foresaw the coming of “godmen” who will promote a “Davidic” war against anyone against the “spirt” We see that today in the charismatic church The “Davids” vs the “Sauls” Wake up everyone and see how you are being decieved Im praying for you all !~Thank you for letting me give you this information.

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