Fair and Balanced ? or censorship ?

In the Christian blog community lately, there seems to be a “rash” of post deletions, when those who offer up differing opinions just drop by and try to get involved in the discussion.

At lbolm, I have tried to be sort of like the “O’Rielly” of these things lately, trying to offer up a balanced side of the things. THAT being said, I still have to monitor this site to make sure no one is out of line with the subject being discussed and that appropriate language is always used.

There seems to be an ever increasing number of “christian blog sites”, that have become more like the “Springer” show. Taking on and encouraging controversial issues, without getting other views.

It is becoming clear, that these aren’t interested in promoting the “Truth”, as much as it is to promoting “Their Truth”.

I want even get into what is the ” Truth “. I am more interested in Who is Truth ! His name is Yahushua, Jesus Christ.

lbolm.wordpress will continue in the fashion and premise that it started from in October of 2007. We want everyone to feel welcome here and to post as often as they feel led to. This is NOT a “bashing place” for those of opposing views. We post our beliefs and don’t try to “force” our beliefs on anyone, nor do I delete post, just because of opposing views.

I recently got a post from someone with some pretty serious accusations. In an E-mail back to this poster, I asked him to furnish evidence of what he was saying or that I would delete his post from my files. As of today, he has failed to furnish the said evidence. If he does, and it checks out, then I will post his post with the evidence he submits.


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