Jesus in the Moth ? What do you think?

Check it out

Let me know what you think!



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7 responses to “Jesus in the Moth ? What do you think?

  1. TimH

    Yes, I see how the colors and how they are situated on the body of the moth makes a face that looks like Jesus. Almost looks like the Shroud of Turin face.

  2. Hi Tim,
    I was over at TGC forum and saw the link you left on Ignited. I left a comment at that link site. Thought you might like to see it!


  3. I guess I wonder why we Christians need to look for Jesus in Cheetos and on the wings of a moth. Isn’t He, in and of Himself, enough for his own people?

  4. TimH

    You know why, because everyone is always looking for that supernatural sign. It’s no different than some looking for the manifestation of Mary (RC) on a wall or wherever. This is kind of the protestant way of looking for a “sign”. Instead of Mother Mary, it is the face of Jesus or an angel.

  5. Yepper, you are so right. We think folks who see stigmata on their hands like Christ’s wounds on the cross, tears coming from a statue of Mary, and visions of her in the sky are wierd, but we Protestants think it’s okay when
    Christ is represented by Cheetos, a grilled cheese sandwich (sold last year on E-Bay) and the wings of a moth, instead of the cross.

    How ludicrous and casual we, His own people, who should know better are sometimes. Thankfully, He is long suffering toward us!

  6. Jake,

    Really like your new format much better.

  7. Thanks Mbaker !
    Glad you came by.
    I have really been busy lately, getting some things ready for these upcoming meetings. Excuse me for not acknowledging your post any sooner.

    Love in Christ Yahushua, Jesus

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