The Thorn in the Flesh ! Or ” Cleaning up Someone Else’s Mess! “

As I was laying out my notes and preparing to speak this past Saturday night [August 30,2008], The Spirit took me in another direction. I was led to 1 Samuel 30, where we read of the story of David and how he and his men returned home from battle, only to find that their own place had been raided by their mortal enemies, the Amalekites. The Amalekites had burnt, plundered and made off with not just the possessions of David and his men, BUT, they had taken their families as well.

Now mind you, this DID NOT have anything to do with, at least I thought, the subject that I had been preparing all week to bring, which is part of the teaching I am doing on the Old Testament Tabernacle, and how Jesus is revealed in it every step of the way. I was going to teach this week about the “Outer Court”. I just didn’t “get it” at first.

So I am seeking The Lord on this matter, during worship and as we enter into a time of prayer and seeking the Face of God, His Will, BAM [ to borrow a cliche’ HAHA], this thing hit me like a ton of rocks.

We will never be able to move into the Holy of Holies, Spiritually, as long as we are still dealing with the flesh. Personally, each of us has to get to a place where we no longer have a “Thorn in The Flesh”.Those things that SHOULD HAVE been dealt with in the past. Where we are walking in the Victory that has been won and freely given to us in Christ Yahushua, Jesus. Flesh, or “the world” or sin, is dealt with in the “Outer Court”. We must take care of these “issues” from our past, so we don’t have to, in our future. This is on the personal level.

So what exactly is a “Thorn in the Flesh”? Is it a physical thing, as some suggest with the Apostle Paul. It could very well be. BUT, I believe upon closer examination of the Scriptures, one will find that it is a “person,place or thing” that keeps coming back to remind you of your past. [ Num.33:55, Joshua 23:13, Judges 2:3, Isaiah 32:13 ]

In the context of what God was revealing to me Saturday night, David was having to deal with an “Old Thorn in the Flesh”, one that had been plaguing Israel for a real long time. David was going to have to “clean up someone else’s mess”. David was going to have to fight the Amalekites. This is the same group of people that 15 chapters earlier, King Saul had been given the Word from The LORD, through His Prophet Samuel. God had told King Saul to utterly destroy ALL the Amalekites and ALL their belongs. They were to be wiped off the face of the earth. I mean GONE !!! That’s what God said for Saul to do in Chapter 15. BUT, in his infinite wisdom, Saul did what he “thought was right in his own eyes”, first by keeping the best of the cattle and secondly and MOST IMPORTANTLY, Saul spared the life of the king of the Amalekites, Agag.

For the Church, as a whole, I feel that God the Father was saying to us, “The reason we are having to deal with these “Amalekites”, these “Thorns in the Flesh” is because somebody DID NOT obey The LORD in the past. David had to deal with what Saul didn’t deal with. It actually continued on out past all that, because when you study out the whole story of what happened with King Agag during his short captivity with King Saul, Agag had an intimate relationship that sired a son who then started a new “people called the Agagites”. This is the same people that Haman in the Book of Esther came from. The same people that are still giving Israel trouble even today, Hamas, but that’s another thing for another day. 

In Ezekiel 3:16-21, we that are called, are given a stern warning from God the Father. We are told that when we have a Word from The Lord for the wicked, that if we don’t give it to them, then their blood will be on our hands. If we tell them what The Lord says, and they refuse to listen, then we have done what we are told and their blood will not be on our hands. We won’t be held accountable for their refusal to obey The Lord.

It is our calling to let people know what The Lord says. It then becomes their decision that sets things into motion. The Prophet Samuel told King Saul what God said for him to do. Saul refused to follow the word of The Lord. Saul was ultimately held responsible for his choice and lost his kingdom. BUT it was David who had to deal with the mess !

I don’t won’t to face God the Father and have Him ask me why I didn’t take care of the mess ! I don’t won’t my children and their children to have to take care of what I didn’t take care of !!

That is why we are having the “Tearing Down The Walls” meetings !

That is why we are having the meeting about the “Masonic Cult”, and how it is deceiving many people and it is like it has been stepped up to go after those who are in the Body. Those who are not in the Lord are the easiest to prey on, BUT a “TRUE BORN AGAIN CHILD OF GOD” should not be so easily persuaded to fall prey to this !

There are many “Amalekites” in the body today. Things that should have been dealt with long ago.

Will you take the stand today? Will you inquire of The Lord, as David did in 1Samuel 30:8 and see if it is a good thing to pursue and overtake your “Amalekite”, your “Thorn in the Flesh” ?



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2 responses to “The Thorn in the Flesh ! Or ” Cleaning up Someone Else’s Mess! “

  1. Janet Stansell

    A very powerful and timely message!

  2. J.W. Stansell

    We see this very thing happening today in our country. Thank you brother for such a timely sermon!

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