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What’s Going On ? Why is it so topsy turvy now ?

We know about Halloween and there are many really good sites that speak out against this celebration of evil. My dear friend, Dr J W Stansell has just published several on his Bible  Study site at :

ComeOutOfBabylonBibleStudyGroup on yahoo.

I was studying and preparing for this past Sat. Night’s message and came across these scriptures in 1Kings. Read this and listen to what The Spirit of The Lord is saying.

1 Kings 12:

Jeroboam Makes Gold Calves

 25 Jeroboam then built up the city of Shechem in the hill country of Ephraim, and it became his capital. Later he went and built up the town of Peniel.[c]

 26 Jeroboam thought to himself, “Unless I am careful, the kingdom will return to the dynasty of David. 27 When these people go to Jerusalem to offer sacrifices at the Temple of the Lord, they will again give their allegiance to King Rehoboam of Judah. They will kill me and make him their king instead.” {First mistake, thinking on your own without seeing the Will of God}

 28 So on the advice of his counselors, the king made two gold calves. He said to the people,[d] “It is too much trouble for you to worship in Jerusalem. Look, Israel, these are the gods who brought you out of Egypt!” {Mistake #2, Lieing to the people you are to lead}

 29 He placed these calf idols in Bethel and in Dan—at either end of his kingdom. {Mistake#3, The enemy ALWAYS is trying to divide God’s people}

30 But this became a great sin, for the people worshiped the idols, traveling as far north as Dan to worship the one there.

 31 Jeroboam also erected buildings at the pagan shrines and ordained priests from the common people—those who were not from the priestly tribe of Levi. {mistake#4, Men not called by God have no business being in the ministry. These were called by a corrupt man}

32 And Jeroboam instituted a religious festival in Bethel, held on the fifteenth day of the eighth month,[e] in imitation of the annual Festival of Shelters in Judah. {Mistake#5, Notice that the enemy ALWAYS counterfeits the things of God}

There at Bethel he himself offered sacrifices to the calves he had made, and he appointed priests for the pagan shrines he had made. 33 So on the fifteenth day of the eighth month, a day that he himself had designated, Jeroboam offered sacrifices on the altar at Bethel. He instituted a religious festival for Israel, and he went up to the altar to burn incense.

Now in order to REALLY GET THIS, pay particuliar attention to the verses 32 and 33 and the timing of this counterfeit festival. Read the footnotes below and you will find that this counterfeit festival came after the Festival of Shelters and happened to fall at the end of October or the first of November. Being an “Imitation of the Festival of Shelters”, it would fall during the seven day time frame of what we call Halloween on October 31.

Why is everything “topsy turvy” ?

Why is there a “spirit of fear”, trying to prevail in the atmosphere ? 

Could it be that the Spirit realm is at a heightened time of warfare, with good {God’s Festival } and evil {satan’s festival}, warring at such a ferver, and it is pouring out into the natural ?

Praise God ! We, that are the children of God, have nothing to fear from this world.

We fear only one ! With an Awe and Wonder that only He deserves ! GOD ALMIGHTY !!


  1. 1 Kings 12:2 As in Greek version and Latin Vulgate (see also 2 Chr 10:2); Hebrew reads he lived in Egypt.
  2. 1 Kings 12:18 As in some Greek manuscripts and Syriac version (see also 4:6; 5:14); Hebrew reads Adoram.
  3. 1 Kings 12:25 Hebrew Penuel, a variant spelling of Peniel.
  4. 1 Kings 12:28 Hebrew to them.
  5. 1 Kings 12:32 This day of the ancient Hebrew lunar calendar occurred in late October or early November, exactly one month after the annual Festival of Shelters in Judah (see Lev 23:34).

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“09, The Plumbline !” A Prophetic Word for The Body of Christ!

  Amos 7 [NLT]

A Vision of a Plumb Line

 7 Then he showed me another vision. I saw the Lord standing beside a wall that had been built using a plumb line. He was using a plumb line to see if it was still straight. 8 And the Lord said to me, “Amos, what do you see?”

   I answered, “A plumb line.”

   And the Lord replied, “I will test my people with this plumb line. I will no longer ignore all their sins. 9 The pagan shrines of your ancestors[b] will be ruined, and the temples of Israel will be destroyed; I will bring the dynasty of King Jeroboam to a sudden end.


On the morning of September 14, 2008, I was given this word. We had just finished the night before, 4 nights of meetings in which we dealt with “Tearing Down The Walls”. On the morning of the 14th, I got the following from The Holy Spirit.

“We are not through tearing down the walls. For the rest of this year and until the Spring of next, there will be a tearing down and a shaking of things that many would think couldn’t be shaken. There will be ministries in The Body that will fall, because they have not been built on solid ground. In “09, The Plumbline”, My Word will be used to build MY Church. Truth will come forth and things done in the dark shall be exposed. Things that are not built upon MY Word will be shaken and many will fall.”

While this word is for the Body mainly, it is for anyone who would listen. Judgement begins at the House of The Lord. We are His Temples. We will be held accountable for everything that is not of Him !


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Economic Bailout Plan that WILL work !

I would like to take credit for this brilliant plan, BUT, nevertheless, I give credit where credit is due.
I heard this gentleman jokingly make this remark on Foxnews the other night, and it was so fantasticly simple, that it seemed rediculous.
Based on the US Census site here is what I came up with ;
“Thank you, America, for your participation in Census 2000.
The population of the U.S. on April 1, 2000 was 281,421,906 [PDF 2M].”

The man said that if the US Government was to send everybody $1 million dollars, Americans could pay off their bad debt and really stimulate the economy!
It would only cost $281,421,906.00 and that is a WHOLE LOT LESS than $700 billion. WOW!!!!!!!!!

I guarantee I could pay off my debt with a lot less than a million dollars and then I could really stimulate the economy with the left overs. I believe that I would also be able to grow The Kingdom with that kind of help!
What was that,” the wealth of the wicked, laid up for the just ??”
HMMMMM!!!! Sounds like a good plan to me !
What do think ?
BTW, thanks Dennis Miller, for your insight !!


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