What about the P.O.D. symbols and young Christians !

I saw a young man with some of this stuff on a “hoodie” a while back at the old church we used to attend.
When asked about it, he told me that it was from a “Christian Rock Band” and that the symbol was a symbol of the “Trinity”.
The following link is a very informative and well researched article on this VERY dangerous cultish thing that is slipping into many Churches today. The youth being the main target ! Here is the link.


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One response to “What about the P.O.D. symbols and young Christians !

  1. “But there’s one problem with representing the Trinity, or the Godhead with symbols — it’s CLEARY FORBIDDEN in the Bible!”

    Well…the word, “Trinity,” is, itself a phonetic symbol of the Trinity. One can’t type the above sentence without contradicting one’s self. There could conceivably be a non-phonetic symbol, too. Otherwise the Chinese could never discuss the matter in writing.

    Having said that, I am no fan of P.O.D., even though I do listen to Christian heavy metal. It is quite possible that they borrow from pagan symbolism. However, this is an interesting time of year to be complaining about Christians adopting pagan symbolism. The Christmas tree comes to mind.

    Well, it was an interesting article and probably has quite a bit of merit. Thanks for sharing.

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