FoodBanks Beware! Big Brother on the move.

I found this article in my emails this AM. For those of us that operate
any type "foodbank" or such, is this the future we are heading into.
THE ANSWER? Yes!! This all ties straight into "not buying or selling"
without the mark of the beast. Without "Foodbanks" some people will be
forced to buy, even what they can't afford.

Here is the link;

Sorry about the link not taking. Please copy and paste, it should work !



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3 responses to “FoodBanks Beware! Big Brother on the move.

  1. Hi, jeremy … this link is dead, do you have another…. Thanks.

  2. What the law did is wrong, but it is definitely a sign of things to come. This land will one day soon be under martial law. It is coming. When we do come under the NWO’s martial law, all food pantries will be raided by the Federal Police Force [aka New Age Storm Troopers], including the emergency food you have stored in your home.

    Now, I do not say this to cause panic or fear, but to simply warn people of what is definitely coming. Christians should not allow this to cause fear, but it should drive us to deepen our faith in Christ. May it drive us into the Word, and down on our knees in prayer.

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