LBOLM now on ning!

That’s Right !

Living Bread of Life Ministry is now also part of the social network. Come by and join in and meet Christian brothers and sisters from all over the world ! AND IT’S FREE !



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3 responses to “LBOLM now on ning!

  1. Shabbat shalom, dear brother !
    I thank you for your last message to me,because I was really worried,and,tough you haven’t got my first message to you explaining my ministry to you,I will resend it to you again,maybe tomorrow,or monday OK?
    Bro, I give so many thanks to Almighty Father God for letting me know you,and discover the great work you are doing on His name.
    When you read about my ministry tomorrow,you gonna know how far this country is lost,as the masons ARE IN FULL POWER HERE !
    I never knew I could see a ministry like this,or even that it could exist.
    All you have to do brother,is to send me all that you can about that occult cult,by email but mostly by post office,so that I should distribute to many also,please please please!
    You know I don’t own a personal computer,so I go to work in the cyber-coffes here,and it is expensive to work longer,more again if you want to view videos,so it could be better and by far,that you send me some original unedited DVDs as I am so much interested and this being one of the biggest fight in my ministry, and mostly, the”Sun Worship in The Lodge”.
    Oh bro I am so happy to see your work,and so happy to have met you,I know Almighty Father God has put you in my way,so that you should help me and guide my ministry,His ministry and other peoples outside,to know what is about secret societies and mostly the free masons,so that they might run them away and don’t succomb in their seductions,as it is just all about traps for children of God.
    Sincerely,all the 13 videos could be extraordinary for me.
    I enjoyed your pictural look also,it so divine and revealed,you are surely an annointed person,brother.
    Thank you bro,as you pray for me,and so I do for you also with all my sincere heart,in these times now that things are FAST coming to a climax, more and more being deceived,including some children of Almighty Yahwah God!
    Amen to what you end up saying bro,that It is left up to us, who are walking in The Truth, to spread the True Gospel of The Kingdom of YHWH.
    Almighty Father Yahwah Attah Adonai Elohim abund you with blessings.
    I love you bro,but … He loves you more than me.
    Shabbat shalom!

  2. Shalom alechem to all, and may the Lord bless you abundantly!

    I will be very happy with anyone, who will give memore informations about the Order of Maccabees in particular and judeo-christianism, in general,please.

    I have searched and searched in this site to getany adress where i could write, butI have seen any postal, or email to write,or I should have done so, because I amVER VERY interested aboutthe The Order of Maccabees in particular, and which I would like to know more and be part.

    Anyone whowould be able to sending me THE GOOD NEWSTALMUD, would have done to me, the greatest good ever, and the reward of the lord for him, will be unlimited.

    Thank you by replying tome, or sending me informations or the HolyTalmud, at the adress below.

    Pastor Johaness Dingome ben Israel
    The New jerusalem Judeo-Christian Ministry
    All Angels Chapel
    BP 5000 Bonanjo – Douala


    Tél: 0023773771002


  3. Shalom brother Pastor, I will be very happy, hearing fromyou again!May YHWH be praised.
    Alleluyah !

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