Blinded by The Light ! And Deaf too !

During the 25 day prayer time, on the 22nd day, I was led in the Spirit to Acts22:9.
In the verse Paul makes the statement that there were those “who saw the Light, and were afraid, BUT none heard the voice of him who spoke to me” [paraphrase mine].
The Spirit quickened me with this Word, ” There are many in the Body who have seen the Light and been attracted to it, yet are afraid of it because in The Light, ALL sin and iniquity is exposed. There are also only a few who HEAR the Voice of the One who is speaking”..
Beloved, “Many are called, BUT few are chosen”
While everybody wants to be in the “chosen ” ones, Scripture is clear that FEW are chosen. Those who HEAR the Voice of The Lord and are responsive to the TRUE calling will be able to enter in The Kingdom. Many will find themselves standing at the door, knocking and crying out, only to hear the sad response of The Lord, ” depart from me, I know you not”.
I don’t mean to sound arogant with these statements, BUT the Word of God is clear on these things.
As we enter in the next season where many will be tested on their stance on many issues concerning their walk with The Lord, it is VERY IMPORTANT to do a Romans 12:1,2 examination of your self and let The Light expose whatever is not pleasing unto Him.
Humble yourself before God The Father and let the Transforming power and Love of Him prepare you for the soon coming Wedding Feast!!!
LET he who has an ear to hear, HEAR what The Spirit of the Lord is saying !


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