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Rosh Hoshanna or Feast of Trumpets? Which one is for Christians?

While there are some who would say that neither one is for Christians, I will come right out and tell them, “WRONG”. I am going to keep this as simple as possible. Anyone wanting to get into finer points of this subject, feel free to do so. That’s why I posted it as a blog, so it can be discussed.

Rosh Hoshanna was started by man, during the captivity in Babylon.

Feast of Trumpets was instituted by YHWH in Lev.23:24 and called a “memorial” meaning to always be observed.

Rosh Hoshanna points to the sin nature of man.

Feast of Trumpets points to YHWH and the Second Coming of Yahushua, Christ Jesus, who MADE us free from our sin nature.

There are those who say that because Rosh Hoshanna fall on a sabbath this year, that they should not blow the Shofar.

YHWH says in setting up the Feast of Trumpets, “ye shall have a sabbath, a memorial of blowing of trumpets”!!

Rosh Hoshanna celebrates a “New Year” in the month of Tishrei. Why? In the Hebrew it means “head”, but in the Babylonian language, it means “beginings”. This is in direct conflict with YHWH, as He calls it the 7th month from the month Abib, which He gave to Israel in Exodus 12:2, ” This month shall be unto you the begining of months: it shall be the first month of  the year to you”. So we see that man, because of  the influence of Babylon, turns his back on YHWH and does what is right in his own eyes.

Some of those who celebrate Rosh Hoshanna, believe that the afternoon of Rosh Hoshanna, they are to “cast their sins” into a stream of flowing water, by throwing pebbles into the stream.

Yahushua said to cast them on Him! He already dealt with the sin.

Rosh Hoshanna is an annual “time of reflection”, to deal with sin.

Yahushua has already been Sacrificed ONCE AND FOR ALL who sin. The writer of Hebrews,l reminds us NOT to crucify Christ afresh, not to go back to repentance over and over [Hebrews 6:6]  

I WILL celebrate the Feast of Trumpets, until Yahushua comes back!!



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Dream 9-11-09 “Urgent”

Dream 9-11-09 “Urgent”


I was given a dream last night and when I woke from it, I immediately sought The Lord for the interpretation of it. This is it as it was revealed to me.

The Dream started out with myself in a room, not very big, and a door, I think it to have been made of metal, but a secure type of door, nonetheless. I heard noises coming from the other side of the door and I braced myself against the door, because I knew whatever or whoever was on the other side wanted to get into this room, or get to me.

I am bracing against the door, really struggling to keep it closed, when this hand comes through the door and grabs me around my knees and starts to pull me against the door with such strength that it hurt badly, I ended up with the door being forced open. I immediately recognized the person on the other side of the door, and I will share later with you who he was.

There were a multitude of people on the other side of the door, as far as I could see, I asked this man what this was and he repetitively told me,” They want to know their names”. The Holy Spirit reminded me of Revelations 2:17 and how Yahushua told John that He would give those who overcome the world “the hidden Manna and a white stone with a new name on it that only the one who received it would know.” Then the Holy Spirit told me that they didn’t know their names because they had never overcome the world, though many believed they had. That will be explained later. These people have not overcome the world and have gotten caught up in the dull mundane world and are working, working, working. BUT at the end of the day what they have done didn’t amount to anything.

Then I was shown these “light bulbs” and some of the people were eating them and they were said to taste a little like honey. I asked about this and was told that these represented “good ideas”, “inventions”, that never amounted to anything. Intended for a good purpose, but never amounting to anything that really mattered.

Then I was shown such an “idea” and it really looked very technical and modern and I thought it to be something of great value, but when it was handed to me, I was told to take it apart and shown how. This thing rapidly fell apart right before my eyes revealing it to be no more than a bunch of plastic parts all nestled inside of each other that were not anything but plastic dish drainers. The Spirit said that people are working day in and day out making “things” that don’t really amount to anything.

Now for the “Urgent” part of the dream and to whom this man on the other side of the door was. This gets very personal for me, and that’s why I had to share it, that YOU might get the same “WAKE UP”, ” URGENT” message that I got out of this.

The man on the other side of the door was my earthly Dad who had passed away a couple of years ago. The Holy Spirit began to show me personally how I too would end up like my Dad if I weren’t careful, getting caught up in the daily “works” of the world. My Dad, when he passed, had a life of hard work and not really a lot of “riches” by the world’s standards. My Mom passed away 9 months after Dad. Their life “savings” didn’t really amount to anything, by the “world’s” standards, and I was left to deal with 60 years of “stuff” that they had “left me” as part of my inheritance. There were 5 barns Dad had built over the years to house this “stuff” that they had placed such value on. I have found myself repeating Dad’s mistakes and enlarging my own barns to deal with “their stuff”, my inheritance. I have been busy, if you will, “working” on “stuff” that at the end of the day, doesn’t really matter that much.



FOR ME, I had to ask The Lord to forgive me this morning. Forgive me for being so busy about the “stuff” left behind to be an inheritance, that I almost forgot about my MOST IMPORTANT inheritance, my other home with ABBA, Father God. Beloved, I could have been on the other side of that door, with my Dad, and all those others, who didn’t “know their names”.

The Scriptures declare that we “overcome the world, by The Blood of The Lamb and by the words of their testimony”.

Beloved, The Holy Spirit showed me, that many on the other side of the door, sadly, just like my earthly Dad, were deceived and caught up in the ways of the worldly system. They spend their lives doing what the world expects them to do. They teach each other the importance of “working hard to get ahead” and that you can’t have anything if you don’t work for it. There is a lot of good wisdom in there somewhere, but it is misplaced on what it is they have worked for. I am reminded of Matthew 6: 33, “seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, and all these things, shall be added unto you”.

This dream was a “Wake Up ” call, not just for me, BUT to any who would have an ear to hear what The Spirit of The Lord is Saying.

Beloved, there is urgency behind this, as well, WE, ALL OF US, have to get busy about our Father’s Work. We have to take the “Good News” out to those who are caught up in the ways of the world and we have to do it QUICKLY. This world we live in, as we know it, is about to change right before our very eyes, even more than it has in the last year.

God’s people HAVE GOT TO, “Be Ready” for this time and this season. We have GOT TO, get focused on the right things and not the things we see as important, BUT what God TELLS us is important!!!


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Getting Naked Before The Lord!!

I was recently reading over some notes that I had made back in 2006. I had forgotten this one and wanted to share some of it with you. 

This came to me in the form of a dream, in which was very personal and I will spare you the details of. When I woke up and asked The Lord for the interpretation of it, He said, Expose yourself, Get naked, Get real!!
This is a time of humbling”

In 2006, I thought that to be a good “Word” for me, and I knew nothing of the Spiritual signifagane of it, as far as the timing. I had this dream on September 22, 2006. Now, three years later, as I am studying more on The Festivals and seasons of God, I find that this time of year is time for us to reflect on our sins, “Rosh Hoshanna”, followed by “Ten days of Awe”[Reflection], that conclude on Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement. While these are considered ancient “Jewish”customs by many and some who follow Christ, teach that we “shouldn’t pay these no attention”, They would do well to read what YHWH tells us in Levitcus 23, that These are HIS Feast and that they should continue always. Just as the weekly Sabbath was made for man, not man for the sabbath, so it is with these feast. They are YHWH’s Holy Days.

Now! Back to the “Getting Naked”.This is how it all ties together.

<i><b>When The Holy Spirit told me this was a time of humbling, He took me to 2nd Chronicles 7:14. This has got to be probably one of the most qouted verses out there today.
God says “If my people” [that isn’t just talking about Israel, if we are grafted in, THEN we too are HIS people] who are called by My Name, [not Buddha, Allah or any other name] shall humble themselves….

WHOA! there is that word “humble” again. It hit me,from my dream, how humbling an experience it is to find yourself standing naked, exposed to someone. BUT, that is what YHWH wants us to do for Him. According to Romans 12:1&2, that we become a “living sacrifice”, that is to say, an ongoing sacrifice unto The Lord. That we will allow ourself to “crawl up on the altar [spiritually speaking] and let YHWH expose to us those things that are not pleasing unto Him. When they sacrificed the animals on the altar, they had been cut open and laid out, just as HE wants to do for us, exposing those things and “burning” them away. His Tounge is as a Sharp Two Edged Sword and Speaks the Truth, HE wants to perform surgery on us, then “HEAL us [I will heal their land].

The Spirit said this to me, “You can dress it all up and call it what you want, BUT YHWH see’s through it anyway! You might as well go ahead and get real before Him and let Him get real with you.”

Esther spent a year getting prepared to go before the king. Why? Because she had an “Awe ” of the King, she Feared the king. She feared rejection and the ultimate consequences of that.

Most people can’t get “naked” or “real” with each other for the same reasons. People fear what others might think, if the “real person” is seen. People fear what others might say, if they walk down the aisle and give themselves unto The Lord. Beloved, that shouldn’t be!!
Hebrews 10: 23-26 teaches us that “We shouldn’t forsake the assembly” that is the coming together. WHY? For the edifying and exortation of the Body. People should be able to come and be able to “get naked” before the Lord, without fear of man. They should be able to “get real” with God!! 
A few weeks ago I got a message on “Blinded by The Light! And Deaf Too! “, in which the Apostle Paul was recounting his experience with The Lord on the road to Damascus. Then known as Saul, he said that “Others saw the Light, and were afraid, But none heard the voice, except me” [paraphrase mine]
Beloved, CAN YOU HEAR what the Spirit is saying? Some in the Body have saw the Light [ Jesus ] and are afraid, not wanting to be exposed, not wanting to get naked, not wanting to get real!!!
Before YHWH will heal you, His Word declares that you “shall [MUST] humble yourself”, It is time, This is the season!
September 19th,2009 is the Feast of Trumpets!! Rosh Hoshanna!! Could this be the year that “The Trumpet of God” shall blow? Let’s get real folks!! Let’s examine ourselves and ask Him to expose those things that aren’t pleasing unto HIM!! He wants to Get Real with you!!!!


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