Getting Naked Before The Lord!!

I was recently reading over some notes that I had made back in 2006. I had forgotten this one and wanted to share some of it with you. 

This came to me in the form of a dream, in which was very personal and I will spare you the details of. When I woke up and asked The Lord for the interpretation of it, He said, Expose yourself, Get naked, Get real!!
This is a time of humbling”

In 2006, I thought that to be a good “Word” for me, and I knew nothing of the Spiritual signifagane of it, as far as the timing. I had this dream on September 22, 2006. Now, three years later, as I am studying more on The Festivals and seasons of God, I find that this time of year is time for us to reflect on our sins, “Rosh Hoshanna”, followed by “Ten days of Awe”[Reflection], that conclude on Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement. While these are considered ancient “Jewish”customs by many and some who follow Christ, teach that we “shouldn’t pay these no attention”, They would do well to read what YHWH tells us in Levitcus 23, that These are HIS Feast and that they should continue always. Just as the weekly Sabbath was made for man, not man for the sabbath, so it is with these feast. They are YHWH’s Holy Days.

Now! Back to the “Getting Naked”.This is how it all ties together.

<i><b>When The Holy Spirit told me this was a time of humbling, He took me to 2nd Chronicles 7:14. This has got to be probably one of the most qouted verses out there today.
God says “If my people” [that isn’t just talking about Israel, if we are grafted in, THEN we too are HIS people] who are called by My Name, [not Buddha, Allah or any other name] shall humble themselves….

WHOA! there is that word “humble” again. It hit me,from my dream, how humbling an experience it is to find yourself standing naked, exposed to someone. BUT, that is what YHWH wants us to do for Him. According to Romans 12:1&2, that we become a “living sacrifice”, that is to say, an ongoing sacrifice unto The Lord. That we will allow ourself to “crawl up on the altar [spiritually speaking] and let YHWH expose to us those things that are not pleasing unto Him. When they sacrificed the animals on the altar, they had been cut open and laid out, just as HE wants to do for us, exposing those things and “burning” them away. His Tounge is as a Sharp Two Edged Sword and Speaks the Truth, HE wants to perform surgery on us, then “HEAL us [I will heal their land].

The Spirit said this to me, “You can dress it all up and call it what you want, BUT YHWH see’s through it anyway! You might as well go ahead and get real before Him and let Him get real with you.”

Esther spent a year getting prepared to go before the king. Why? Because she had an “Awe ” of the King, she Feared the king. She feared rejection and the ultimate consequences of that.

Most people can’t get “naked” or “real” with each other for the same reasons. People fear what others might think, if the “real person” is seen. People fear what others might say, if they walk down the aisle and give themselves unto The Lord. Beloved, that shouldn’t be!!
Hebrews 10: 23-26 teaches us that “We shouldn’t forsake the assembly” that is the coming together. WHY? For the edifying and exortation of the Body. People should be able to come and be able to “get naked” before the Lord, without fear of man. They should be able to “get real” with God!! 
A few weeks ago I got a message on “Blinded by The Light! And Deaf Too! “, in which the Apostle Paul was recounting his experience with The Lord on the road to Damascus. Then known as Saul, he said that “Others saw the Light, and were afraid, But none heard the voice, except me” [paraphrase mine]
Beloved, CAN YOU HEAR what the Spirit is saying? Some in the Body have saw the Light [ Jesus ] and are afraid, not wanting to be exposed, not wanting to get naked, not wanting to get real!!!
Before YHWH will heal you, His Word declares that you “shall [MUST] humble yourself”, It is time, This is the season!
September 19th,2009 is the Feast of Trumpets!! Rosh Hoshanna!! Could this be the year that “The Trumpet of God” shall blow? Let’s get real folks!! Let’s examine ourselves and ask Him to expose those things that aren’t pleasing unto HIM!! He wants to Get Real with you!!!!



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10 responses to “Getting Naked Before The Lord!!

  1. themadjewess

    That makes me happy that Christians are celebrating in on their promises of G-d!! I am happy that you are enjoying Jewish holy-days.
    G-d Bless you.

  2. Thanks for coming by!
    You may want to check my post concerning “Feast of Trumpets or Rosh Hoshana”, before you get too happy with me though, LOL.
    I believe in YHWH feast as He gave them in Leviticus 23.
    Be Blessed in Yahushua, Christ Jesus

  3. themadjewess

    I will, I have a question; Do you believe that the anti-Christ will come out of Judaism or Islam? This is vexing me, because I support Israel (‘morale’) support, and people tell me I am supporting the place that will have the anti-Christ.

  4. I don’t subscribe to many of the teachings anymore about the “anti-christ” and where he will come from etc…..
    Too many people are getting rich pimping the Word and trying to set fear into the people of YHWH.
    If they would spend more time in The Word and less time listening and reading this “stuff about end times”, and concentrating on building a relationaship with YHWH, then they would realize ALL of these events WILL happen and nothing anyone says can stop them. Those that subscribe to peddling the “scare tactics” and stuff being passed off as prophetic teaching on the end times, will have their reward.
    We would do well to recognized the times we are in and STEP UP to the calling of Yahushua in MAtt:28:19. WE must ALL get busy about The Father’s business, that is to tell the Good News of The Kingdom of YHWH!!
    Yahushua said that the spirit of anti-christ was already at work, even when HE was among us. That spirit has been among us since the fall of Lucifer. Remember the Torah teachings on Genesis1:2. The earth was without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. That darkness is evil, and has always existed here on this earth. The anti-christ spirit was even at work then, deceiving the children of YHWH.
    False teachers and false prophets have also been at work for a LONG time and isn’t just limited to the coming “end times”. The deception has been at work for thousands of years, YET, when the one who will be used as the “anti-Christ” is revealed, scripture says that many will still be blinded to the
    truth of who he is and will NOT turn back to YHWH. Those are the ones who need your help!!
    You claim to support Israel, which is good according to scripture. BUT, many that are falling for some of the stuff concerning these “Jewish festivals” would do well to study there actual origins, the time frame and places they were written in and then consider the influence that led those same people away from YHWH.
    Love in Yahushua, Christ Jesus

    • Hip Hip Hooray! What a great answer! Amen, way too many carpet baggers preaching on the anti- Christ to get the buck! Well said. As for me and mine, we will worry about serving Yeshua, the Messiach.

  5. themadjewess

    Thanks, I appreciate that, I support the people of Israel, their govt is terrible. I get called ‘the anti-Christ’ all the time, and I dont reject Christ, not one iota, I reject these people who think “I” killed him, I didnt kill Christ. I read the N.T., it says that he would be delivered to the gentiles and be killed, which the Sanhedrin did. I am not a leader, so, I am not a “Sanhedrin” per se..
    I believe that many Jews would believe the things Jesus says, and accept Jesus, if some “Christians” would stop calling us names that are terrible. I like born-again believers the best out of all believers in Jesus. What a terrible thing that preachers are preaching that junk to make a buck, what a shame. 😦

  6. Those who would say that “you killed him” don’t represent the whole of Christiandom, any more than the Pope, who certainly doesn’t represent me as a follower of Yahushua, Christ Jesus.
    The SAD FACT of the matter is, because of us ALL, Christ gave His Life WILLINGLY for us all, that we ALL may become sons and daughters of YHWH.
    People would also so well to remember that in The Kingdom of YHWH, there is neither Jew nor Gentile, male nor female, and that ALL have been reconciled unto YHWH by the shedding of the blood of The PERFECT Sacrifice, once and FOR ALL, who would come to ABBA Father .
    You said you like “born again believers best”, that’s a good thing, for as Yahushua taught Nicodemus, “unless a man be born again, he will not enter into the Kingdom of YHWH” [paraphrase mine].
    The “born again experience” is best described as the dieing of one’s old man, and being raised {resurrected in Christ} from our “spiritual death” that seperated us from our Father.
    We must ALL [that means EVERYONE] die of the old man, the carnal man, the fleshly man, the worldly man, and become the New Creature that Yahushua is making us into.
    Listen, I understand about the “name calling” and all that junk, BUT for me, I have come to a place that I count it all joy, that I am going through some of the same stuff that greater men and women than me have already gone through, for the sake of The Gospel!! We are at least in some mighty good company, Amen?
    Love in Yahushua, Christ Jesus

  7. themadjewess

    Thank you Ibolm.

    I wish I could count this ‘all joy’ I do, but my G-d, I get it from EVERY angle being a born Jew. I wish ALL born-again believers would try being Jewish here on the net, then they would see some real horrifying persecution like you cant believe. I will pray, but lately, I just feel awfully depressed with people hating all over me, for no other reason, except I AM A JEW. Jesus was a Jew, so, I bet he knew what I’m going through. Amen ? 🙂

    • Persecution is fed by prejudge-ing someone because of the unknown.
      It is fed by fear.
      Fear is not of The Father.
      Therefore, those that persecute you are doing so, and being used by the enemy, and are blinded to the truth!
      Just know that YHWH, who is Love, Loves you and yes, He sent His Son, that even those who persecute you, might be reconciled unto The Father.
      TRUST in Him with ALL your heart and ALL your soul and ALL your spirit!! HE will always be there for you!! THAT is the Truth!
      The Apostle Paul learned, as we must too, how to rejoice in EVERY situation!! Paul learned how to “go on” if you will, no matter what, AND no matter how it may have “felt” in the natural, YHWH, who is our strength, was always there for him. PRAISE YHWH, for he is there for us too!!
      Love in Yahushua, Christ Jesus

  8. barbara scott

    Pastor Jake i am blessed by the Word Of YHWH through you, continue to tell the Good News as well as doing it! The Word tells us that My people are suffering for the lack of knowledge, because of religion and not a personnal relationship, as for me i want to know all about “Our Savior”. Give the Family my Love! Shalom!

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