I am angry!! Halloween on the Sabbath! Christians “trunk or treat”

I think I understand how Yahushua, Christ Jesus, felt upon entering the temple and seeing all the “moneychangers” who were profaning the House of  The Lord.

There has been a “righteous anger” growing in my spirit man over the last few days, as I am hearing more and more so called “Christian churches” having “trunk or treat events or “fall festivals” on October 31. There is something WRONG with this picture, and I, for one am tired of so called “Born Again” people trying to rectify and make excuses for celebrating this PAGAN holiday.

 We have posted several good teachings on our sites and let people know of the truth of this abominable doings. How long will you think YHWH will put up with your contemptible acts?

First, NO TRUE “Born Again” child of YHWH should even WANT  to participate in anything that honors this satanic holiday.

Secondly, and this is the one that gets me personally, is the fact that they are doing it on the very day that YHWH “sanctified ” and “blessed” and for most of the Biblical history of mankind, been considered the Sabbath, as set by YHWH in Genesis 2:2&3.

Jeremiah 15:6, YHWH says, ” I am weary with repenting”!!

If  HE grew weary with the chosen children of Israel for all of their rebelling, what more will HE have to say to those who claim to be “grafted in”??



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2 responses to “I am angry!! Halloween on the Sabbath! Christians “trunk or treat”

  1. lancelormand

    I think you misinterpret the overthrowing of the money changers. Temple monetary exchange was a common and legal practice at the time, but had obviously gone a muck. People were required to exchange their, “unclean” foreign currency for that which was used in the temple. The problem occurs when those making the exchange began to charge more than their due, stealing for sacrifice. It really has no relation to your comment, except that you may be angry. As to the subject of halloween. You seem to have a very narrow view of exegesis, and perhaps a dash of ignorance. Of course if people were out worshipping the devil in church (which they’re not) we’d have a problem. The fact of the matter is that churches are, “taking that which was meant for evil, and turning it into good.” It’s called redemption, my friend, and it is perhaps the most pivotal aspect of our Christian faith. To call such acts “abominable” is ridiculous. I am well aware of the history of halloween, but I am also aware of my own history, Paul’s history, Peter’s history- all of which are equally dark. I’m am quite sure of your inevitable response to these comments, but I pray to turn as you said, from “anger” to grace- if and so you’ve found it. Your spirit of condescension is troubling brother. Be dissident. Tear a corner off the darkness, but do it with intelligence in the right frame of heart. “If they’re not against us they’re for us.” , Jesus said. I’ll let you decide where such churches fall. I fear you may end up on a side of your own.

  2. Lance,
    Just to show you “grace” I am posting your remarks.
    When you want to see the Truth on a matter, you will. When you want to stay in the dark, you will!
    Eph.5:11 says to EXPOSE the dark things.
    The problem wasn’t my misunderstanding of the “moneychangers”, but your misunderstanding of the context behind the post.
    Now, I could really get in the flesh, if I was the old man, BUT, I can’t do that with you!
    We are to have nothing, LET ME REPEAT THAT, nothing to do with these things of which I spoke of.

    “Don’t take your liberty [grace] [for granted], for an occasion to the flesh”.

    Love in Yahushua, Christ Jesus

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