What is going on at MorningStar?

This is a MUST SEE video, and it saddens me that things have gotten to this.




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6 responses to “What is going on at MorningStar?

  1. mskendall

    Confusion, noise, and chaos. God is not a God of confusion or chaos. Pray for them, for they need love.
    1 Corinthians 13:1- 3
    1 If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. 2 If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. 3 If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames, but have not love, I gain nothing.

  2. Ian Williams

    I once was led to join a house church where a lot of crazy stuff was going on – some of it “God”, some of it not. One particular night, when the anointing was sooo strong I and a friend could not stand to minister, and could not speak above a whisper, it came to me that there were three kinds of people there – those few that were “IN HIM” and totally lost to this world, those who were pretending and trying to act it out (the wailers and wavers) , and those who were wondering what on earth was going on (the bug eyed spectators), but who were never-the-less fascinated by what was happening and wishing it was happening to them.

    When I first encountered these folks, Jesus would just say “Just keep your eyes on ME!” At the third meeting I went to, I had a vision of Jesus on the cross – and His eyes saw right through me and they ‘spoke’ a sermon on redemption and forgiveness and grace which stopped me dead in my tracks. I also at other times heard the heavenly choirs, was transported to heaven (twice), smelled the scent of Christ, and had all manner of wonders occur and grew tremendously, yet still something was missing.

    God showed me some very intimate things as to why such manifesations occur, and it has resulted in me becoming far less judgmental and far more inclined to want to be apprehended by the Truth than to be able to quote scripture to reinforce my own prejudices, which is the calling card of the Pharisee.

    What we call the church is Catholic and corrupted, it is all from the same root – it is the tree of knowledge. The ELECT is that part of the church which is alive, and is of that body, not made with hands, forever in the heavens – the Body of Christ – as distinct from the leavened church structure which we so like to disavow as not being of us, but as being of anyone else who does not agree with our perspective.

    Just remember who it is whose job it is to present us spotless before the Father – once you sort this out, a lot of things fall into line and a lot of those well worn scriptures take on a NEW meaning, and instead of being a sword to sever the ear, they become a surgeons scalpel to cut away all which offends, and to circumcise the heart. Try asking Jesus to show you ALL that you believe which is not so – and get ready to ahve most fo your precious Phariseeism exposed for what it really is – hypocrisy! But it is worth it.

    By the way Jake, I replied to your email but got blocked by your server – this is the thin end of a long wedge – dont buy into the security mentality of who is acceptable and who is not lest you weed out some wheat with your tares. 0(:->)

  3. Ian Williams

    4. Love transforms the spirit and fulfills it. Love is not bigoted. Love does not burden, nor curry favor.
    5. And [love] does not set conditions and does not act selfishly, and it does not find fault (stare at evil),
    6. And [love] does not rejoice in abomination, except delights in sincerity.
    7. [Love] ministers to everything, trusts in everything, wherever there is hope, wherever there is sacrifice.
    8. Love never fails. For prophesy comes to pass (is voided), and tongues are silenced, and knowledge comes to naught.
    9. For we learn so little of the whole [picture] and prophesy so little of the whole [matter.]
    10. When maturity (perfection) comes, however, then that little part becomes insignificant.

    I Cor 13 – VA Aramaic Translation.

  4. Hi there Brother Ian!!
    Thanks for coming by and sharing, as always, your valuable insights.
    I keep praying about a trip to your “neck of the woods”, BUT, that would have to be from Yahweh, for sure!!
    Love to you and your’s, in Yahushua, Christ Jesus

  5. Ian Williams

    The state of the church is parlous – God will remove the lamp of so many congregations – the Spirit is leaving the church and the dryness is happening. In early 2005, the Holy Spirit told me of seven waves to come, the seventh would be a massive, world wide revival, and that each successive wave would set the stage for the next.

    What is going to happen is to be OUTSIDE of what we call church, but it will be the REAL BODY, resurrected and perfected. I was shown a vision in 2001 of how God is going to bring all in completion through the alignment – how His DNA is the pattern – the HEAD – of all things, and that how for now, everyone has their own angle of inclination to the True North of THE TRUTH – Jesus – but also how that people tend to assume that their perspective is (more) correct than others. We tend to see things in relation to where we are at rather than from where He is at – despite our best efforts to lay hold on the Truth.

    The primary cause of the relative powerlessness of church is simple – God has scattered the language of Bible-on so that the principle of agreement cannot be operated, except in a limited sense. He wants those dedicated prayers to get their prayer, their doctrine, their faith diractly from HIM, so that you will be in agreement with HIM and so to weild HIS POWER – which is the good news .

    An artist from Weta Workshop is rendering this for me – when it is ready I will send it to you for posting – then we will do some others – it is amazing – we now have the technology to render an image of a vision which can then be transmitted to literally the whole world – and a picture is worth a thouand words.

    Each vision revals something of the unique nature of God – of how He really is – as distinct from our very limited view of Him. I will give you a clue – HE IS IN EVERYONE!

    Last year, when I was trying to make sense of the trials I was experiencing, as my heart broke before Him, He said to me,

    “Ian, when you have truly laid down your life, YOU WILL LOOK UP TO EVERYONE.”

    I asked Him to please distil the essence of what he had been teaching me these last 10 or so years (since my big WAKE UP call) and He said, “It is simple, there is no US and THEM, there is ONLY US, it is just that some of them, do not yet realise it.”

    I am reminded of a line from a song, written by a Cohen, that there is a crack, a crack in everything, and that is how the light gets in. 0(:->)

    Turn the other cheek and reveal the real you – for it no longer you which lives, but Christ which lives in you!

    • amen! This is all part of the “09 Plumbline” Word, in that The True Body will come forth and those who “will be deceived, have been”. Can’t wait to see your “vision”!

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