Hip Hop is now an “official” Religion. A False Religion !!

Rap pioneer KRS-One is the self proclaimed prophet of a new religion: Hip-Hop religion. KRS-One announced he will soon release The Gospel of Hip Hop: The First Instrument, a 600-page book that examines the spirituality of Hip-Hop culture. The Hip-hop artist and founder of the Stop the Violence Movement, KRS-One, aka Boogie Down Production’s “Teacha”, claims his soon to be released spiritual book is the announcement of a new Hip-Hop religion on earth.

“I’m suggesting that in 100 years, this book will be a new religion on the earth,” KRS-One said of his new book, which claims hip-hop to be the world’s dominant new religion.

KRS-One goes on:

Well, I think I have the authority to approach God directly, I don’t have to go through any religion…

I can approach God directly myself and so I wrote a book called The Gospel of Hip Hop to free us from all this nonsense garbage right now. I respect the Christianity, the Islam, the Judaism but their time is up.” To recap: KRS-One’s book is the new Bible, it’s going to be the best selling book on earth, and no matter what God thinks, hip-hop is the new religion of the world.

From Wikipedia:

The Temple of Hiphop is a ministry, archive, School, and Society (M.A.S.S.) founded by KRS-One. Its goal is to maintain and promote hip hop culture. The Temple of Hiphop maintains that hip hop is a genuine political movement and culture, as it has been accepted by the United Nations as a culture. The Temple of Hiphop calls on all hip hop fans to celebrate Hip Hop Appreciation Week, occurring in the third week of May. It encourages DJs and MCs to teach people about the culture of Hip, to write more socially conscious songs, and radio stations to play more socially conscious hip hop. Hip Hop Appreciation Week is celebrated on the third week of May each year. Hip Hop History Month (November), founded by the Universal Zulu Nation, is also recognized.



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11 responses to “Hip Hop is now an “official” Religion. A False Religion !!

  1. I can tell you with ALL certainty, that there is a large contingent within the “Hip Hop” leaders who are caught up in “Freemasonry”. Freemasonry is helping to promote them to influence more of the young black men and teenage boys to join in their “society”.
    Freemasonry itself is a “false religion” though they claim it isn’t a religion. There is much prove to the contrary, and at the very root of it, it is a Luciferian worship, mingled within “witchcraft”, ” and “mind control” with fear as it’s driving tool.
    I have hosted 2 mini-seminars on “Freemasonry” and put in hours of study on this subject. I have a dear Brother who was a high ranking Mason himself, before finding the truth behind what Masonry really is. Now he teaches on the subject whenever he can. He also has a prison ministry. Did you know that within the “prison system” that the fasting growing religion is Islam, Muslim faith. And again, they are going after the young black men. The second fastest growing religion within the South Carolina Prison System is “Witchcraft”.

  2. Greetings my brother in Christ. This is my first time ever responding to anything that I’ve read online or anywhere else for that matter. But all weekend the Holy Spirit has been leading me in scriptures pertaining
    to the “Anti-Christ”, the great falling away within the Body and the importance of abiding (being rooted) in Christ (as well as in conversation w/ my husband)+. I just wanted to leave you with the website of another minister, G. Craige Lewis (exministries.com) who has allowed the Lord to use him to minister to our youth (as well as adults) the revelation that the Spirit of God has given him as well, regarding Hip hop as well as Masonry, and more. He may also be found on Youtube. This is just a confirmation of what you’ve said above and that you are not alone. May God’s grace continue to abound as you continue to fight the good fight of faith. By the way, this is my first time on this sight which I just stumbled on, but as I’m typing this comment… I now believe that the Holy Spirit led me here…

  3. Hi Nikki,
    Yes I am familiar with some of Mr Lewis material. I may have used some of it in the original post and during my study on the matter.
    This subject isn’t something that is talked of much, BUT, it is still a plague on The Body, nonetheless.
    I hope you will take the time and browse through the many teachings and articles posted here.
    BE Blessed, in Yahshua,Christ Jesus

  4. Mr Hip Hop

    Hasn’t anyone here actually heard christian hip hop before. All Hip Hop is is a form of expression. Just like anything it can be used for evil perposes and it is. But in some areas its a pathway out of deep social issues that chain our brotners and sisters in the worst of suffering. Would christ send gossip and slander or friendship and understanding. Your one sided arguements saden me.

    • Mr Hip Hop
      The “one sided argument”,that you refer to, isn’t as much about “hip hop”, but about the fact that this person is building a “new religion and new bible”.
      Yes, I have heard some of “Christian Hip Hop” and yes I understand full well the ability to reach others with it and many other media form, BUT, The True Gospel must not EVER be compromised for any purpose.
      As far as what Christ would do and has done, it is clear in Scripture about the “false teachers” that were already among the people of Christ time on earth and that they would increase in the latter days as Christ prepares for His return.
      It is the responsibility of those in leadership as well as ALL True Believers to be on guard against such “false teachers”, lest the “very Elect be deceived”.
      Don’t be confused, “Religion” of any sort will NOT save mankind from his fallen state of sin, BUT only the acceptance of the one True Living God, YHWH ,and the Blood Atonement made possible by His Son, Yahshua, Christ Jesus. No amount of “hip hop” or any other media form can ave anyone. It is only a vehicle to be used to reach people with the True Gospel message.

  5. look free masons are every where including the cathlic ranks hell il bet the pope right now is a free mason and (I’m sorry i don’t know his name) but the last pope was going to exploit them. but sadly could not. hip hop as a religion is a great idea but you must understand there are 2 sides to hip hop. so before you can truly talk about hip hop its self go learn about it. its message is peace love unity and having fun but this is my view and I’ve read the book i still read it. because when every i break or rap or graff i feel free if you have any questions or want to know you can email me and i will try to give you my honest view. but I’m tired of the fake hip hop been seen as the real.

  6. PORTLAND, Ore. (RNS) Hip-hop’s all the rage at universities and seminaries these days. Scholars parse its angry and often violent language. They sift out refrains of religious redemption or clever critiques of modern culture. In some traditionally African-American divinity schools , the rise and fall of response and call, old-school black preaching, is giving way to intricately rhyming rap. Dozens of pop culture books have been written about using hip-hop to evangelize young people, to relate to their lives and bring them into the organized church. But Monica R. Miller , a visiting professor of religion and popular culture at Lewis & Clark College, warns that looking for religion in hip-hop is a risky proposition.

  7. mercy

    hip hop is a return to idolatory,it has crept into the church to destroy the very elec.t.Beleivers,if you are on the side of Christ,stand up and confront this demon that is forcefully penetrating the body of Christ

  8. chinenye

    Hip hop or whatever you call it is DEMONIC and SATANIC which must not be allowed in the church,what does godliness has in common with ungodliness.if I may ask how many prostitudes will allow you sing A christain song in the hostel. Thanks

  9. Jesse

    I am going to be honest here. I am not following any religion whatsoever. I do respect people who do but it just doesn’t stick to me(I wish it did), wich has probably some way to with the way I was raised. But I am and always have been into hiphop culture. An important element of hiphop culture has always been knowledge and self awareness (unlike what is being portrait in the mainstream media at the moment and especially the artists who have succes right now). I don’t like KRS for the reason that he is very preachy about his knowledge and treats it almost as a form of religion in wich he is the ultimate teacher. BUT, this religion he describes doesn’t try in anyway to take away from any other religion at all. What he calls a religion is being in search of knowledge and believing what you think is truth and justified. I dislike his word choice for calling it a religion but I do like the mindset. Within his so called ‘church of hiphop’ there are many religions, I know for sure there are some Christians, Israelites, 5 percenters, Muslims and probably al lot more other religions. The fact that this belief in a hiphop church and another religion don’t cancel eachother out proves to me that it is not a real religion.

    What KRS actually tries to do is make people aware, make them try to gather as much knowledge on their own as they can, and then spread it to whoever wants to learn. My problem with this is that he preaches and claims to have a truth wich he doesn’t. But I do think the way of thinking he promotes is a very positive one, he just uses the wrong words to expres it. If you do believe and follow a certain religion it is probably the most important thing to gain more knowledge about that religion. That is exactly what he stands for.

    I do think hiphop mainstream pop culture at the moment is a threat for religion. Wether they do it on purpose or only do so because they know a badboy image sells a lot of hiphop artists are on purpose trying to put subliminal messages of false gods in their work. Myself as an atheist even finds this repulsive. Don’t try to sell me a belief just to make money out of it. This is probably the real threat to belief, religion, society and morals, the people who try to sell you the mentality that what you do doesn’t matter (yolo).

    So the whole point of these paragraphs is to try to convince you guys that hiphop as a culture is about one thing, knowledge. Hiphop isn’t such a bad thing aside from the choice of words from one of its pioneers, calling it a religion might be a bad idea. But it is to some people what a religion is to others, the ultimate search for the truth, knowledge and morals.

  10. Jesse

    Oh and I sincerely hope I didn’t offend anyone. I just think what KRS is trying to establish is a great thing. I just think he does it the wrong way. By preaching about knowledge that people have to experience for themselves and by choosing the wrong words wich religion is one of.

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