Jake Kilgus is the Pastor of Living Bread of Life Ministry.

We are located in Blackville SC and have a mandate to “Rebuild The Community, One Soul At A Time”. Our ministry is to see Isaiah 61 fulfilled through His family, both locally here and abroad!!

We believe in the Full Gospel, Five Fold Ministry!

We want you to know “Who you are and Whose you are”, by the Word of God, which is Truth. The Truth shall MAKE you free!!

Our weekly messages are now available on LiveStream;



9 responses to “About

  1. Pastor Elisha

    Praise the Lord !!!
    Greetings to our beloved Pastor Jake and Ministry in the name of Our Lord and savior JESUS CHRIST from pastor Elisha.

    It is a Great privilege to meet you again.

    Thank you for your reply mail. and gave to me your websites.
    Really I am very enjoyed your website and Praise God about you and your wonderful ministry.
    Thank you for your precious prayers for us and you are asking God about your India mission trip.

    We are started to pray for you and India ministry.

    Pastor, We need your continue precious prayers and encouragement for the development of the God’s work in India.

    I humbly and prayerfully requesting your goodness please give permision to me to work with you.
    If you give permision to me I woold like to registar Living Bread of Life Ministry India branch.

    I would like to send some ministry pictures to you.

    I am ready to work with you in India.

    Pastor I requesting you, we need to start homeschool in our area. Please send resource material to my postal address.
    Our children send sweet kisses and hugs to you and all.

    We are praying for you all.
    We are waiting for your kind reply mail.
    With Love and Pray,
    Yours in Christ service,
    Pastor, M.Elisha, B.Th

    My Postal Address:
    Pastor M. Elisha
    Grace Church
    Kethana Konda [post]
    IbrahimPatnam [Mandal]
    Krishana [dist]
    Pin: 521456
    A.P India.

  2. Jake how’s it going. Hey I and updating my contacts, what is your email address. God has been faithful to me here. The ship will be ending this month for good, but I’m really looking forward to what’s next. Take care,

    • JEREMY!!!!!!!!!
      Man it’s good to hear from you. I have a lot to tell you about what all has happened and going on even now.
      Will you be coming home anytime soonor going elsewhere?
      my email is :

      hope to hear from you soon,
      Love in Yahushua, Christ Jesus

  3. Pastor Jake, i saw a program on tv last night, and i typed in what i thought was the right address, and it brought me to your site instead, as i read about your ministery, maybe it was’nt a mistake, im a 47 yr. old singer songwriter from the alabama gulfcoast, i want so much to have the relationship with God that the Pastor talked about last night, i’ve been praying for God to perfect his will in my life, and to be able to use the talent he’s given me to worship him instead of playing in all the bars i’ve been playing in for so many years, would you please pray for me that i’ll find the strenghth to find the anwsers tomy prayers and that i can over come my drug addictions, and loose myself of anything thats standing in my way of a true relationship with Jesus Christ. God Bless you, john

    • Hi John,
      I count it a pleasure to pray for you and with you. Before I do, let me share a quick testimony with you, that I feel you can relate to.
      Back in the mid 90’s, my wife and I had a “Karaoke Showcase” that we did for about 6 1/2 years. The things is, we were singing in the clubs and such, but was also singing in Church on Sunday. I even became the asst. choir director at one point. Right before being called into the ministry, around 2000, we both felt it was time to quit “playing church” and to give up our little side job.
      Within a year, I had been called to serve The Lord, and He also opened the door for us to adopt a beautiful little baby girl. I sold all my “secular” music for a fraction of what I had invested in it, but I kept my sound equipment, which we have used to serve The Lord now for the last almost 10 years.
      I say all this, because I can relate with some of what you must be going through. BUT, to be able to give it up, in one way, and then to have Him give it back to me all for His purposes, WOW, the cost was really worth it!!
      John, The Lord tells us in His Word that “Whom The Son MAKES free, is free indeed” [paraphrase mine]. When He makes you free, it is the REAL DEAL of becoming Born Again. The “old man” has truly “passed away” [spiritually speaking] and the New Man, Born Again, into the Kingdom of God, will be delivered from the clutches of the enemy.
      It is my prayer for you that you will be MADE free, from the drugs and temptation of the world. That ALL desire is gone, and that a new Hunger comes on you for the things of The Lord!!!

      John, if you have never accepted The Lord as your savior, Then I have to ask you, Are you tired? Are you ready to let go of the things that you have been holding onto? I feel that, just like me, HE will honor you with MUCH MORE than you can ever imagine, both here and in your heavenly home.
      If you are ready to accept Him, why don’t you give me a call on my cell number at 803-671-0634. I would love to talk with you.

      Love in Yahushua, Christ Jesus
      Pastor Jake Kilgus

  4. l am a full time missionary working among the unreached rural poor of western maharashtra,india.born and brought up in a Hindu brahmin fly and accepted Lord Jesus in to my life in 1990,graduated from YWAM,married and blessed with 2 sons,been in the pioneering ministry since 1997,planting churhes in villages and raising and training up native workers,seeking an oportunity to get associated with your ministry so as to enable us to gro further

  5. Carol wamalwa

    Dear friend,praise the living God.
    Greetings to you in Jesus name.
    My name is Rev Carol Wamalwa of the Holiness churches in kenya.i have been blessed by your web contents.your work is touching and blessing in the spiritual relms.
    Kindly i here by invite you to come and be my guest to help teach and preach in convention meetings and evengelist mission here in kenya.
    I would love to hear from you soon.
    With love and prayers.
    Rev Carol.

  6. Dear friend, praise the living God!
    Greetings to you in Jesus name.
    My name is Rev.Carol wamalwa of the Holiness churches in kenya.
    I have been blessed and touched by your web contents.your work is good and awesome.
    I here by invite you to come and be my guest in our churches to help teach and preach to the lost here in kenya.
    I would love reading from you soon.
    In His service Rev.carol

  7. Lesley Raychads

    Deat Father,
    My husband is actively looking for a job. Please include us in your prayers enable him secure job to the earliest.

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