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3 responses to “Photo Gallery

  1. Great Teachings Jake, The time is here to realize people are searching for the real truth in YHWH’s Word. They know the deciet and misconceptions that have been integrated into the modern church. And is now supposedly Doctrine. The “Truth will set you Free” as Messiah Yahushua said is what we need. Thanks for putting it forth on this website. I hope others check out your other website and join. ( ) Here is the link to it (It is full of good teachings and eye opening truth about Pagan holidays that are suppose to be Christian and have not a bit of Foundation in truth. Satan works hard to decieve and has mislead many good, faithfull, prayer warrior, people. But when the truth is put forth a person must make the changes to their lives or it is sin. As Paul said” if you know to do good and dont ” God Bless Jake

  2. Brian

    HI Jake, Long time since we spoke. I like this piece you have written. I have been reading a book called Judaism’s Strange Gods,by Micheal Huffman. Tells alot of the teachings of the Rabbi’s and thier laws ( not YHWH’s). Very interesting reading and quite irritating when you see what they really said. No wonder YAHUSHUAH was upset with them. Blessings upon you my friend and your family. Shalom.

    • Brian, it has been TOO long since we have spoken. We all get so busy with things.
      I found myself a few months ago making this statement, ” I am tired of living to make a living “!
      Surely there is more to life than that !
      BUT, it is the system of the world that has enslaved us and “all like sheep have gone astray”. I am sad to say it but I find myself in that flock more than I want to.

      Be Blessed and Love to you and yours,
      In Him,

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