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And now by the Authority ……….!!

I have to ask this question, OK ? WHOSE AUTHORITY ?

I recently opened a “can of worms” by asking a simple question. Whose authority was the “canonization of Scripture” done in.

I want to make this a PLAIN AS POSSIBLE !!!

I KNOW the origin of The Word!!

I KNOW the authority of The Word!!

So don’t come back at me about all scripture being divinely inspired. That is not my point !!

How do we know that after roughly 300 years of man’s use of God’s Word, that man used ALL of what God intended for us to have?

How convenient it would have been, when these that decided the fate of the world by deciding what went into “The Bible” as we know it, to say ” that’s not what we believe, so let’s leave that one out” or ” Oh yes, let’s include that one”

Paul wrote in Col. 4:16 “And when this epistle is read among you, cause that it be read also in the church of the Laodiceans; and that ye likewise read the epistle from Laodicea.”  What happened to “the epistle from Laodicea”? Was it lost overtime, or was it simply excluded for some purpose? Very little is said about the Laodicean church, except in Revelations, and no one would dare leave out or alter that “book of prophecy”.

I KNOW that the Scriptures we have now are divinely inspired and that they are The Plumbline in which we are to measure all things against. I just ask, “By Whose authority” were those who decided such an important thing, working under. DID THEY HAVE an audible calling from God, to form their group? Or, were they commissioned by man to do this awesome task? Was there any underlying things that may have swayed the decisions at all ?

I think these are fair questions to ask. Or should we just assume that these men knew what was best for us all and did what they had to do? HMMM?

And while we are in this vain, what about the continuance of the Apostleship? I feel that the Apostleship is needed just as much today as it was 2000 years ago. But, by whose authority are these Apostles working under today. I am not jumping ship on modern day apostles. I think I have made that position clear. It gets back to this amazing line of headship.

There is but one Head of the Church and His name is Jesus!!

There is but one covering needed, that’s by His Blood !!

And BTW, what’s the difference between a ” covering” and a “denomination”, as used in our modern day vocabulary?

 OH, well, just random thoughts and plenty to get our minds to thinking. I pray that we think, however, with the Mind of Christ, and not our own intellect!


Love in Christ Jesus




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