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To Hanukkah or not to Hanukkah. That is my question .

To Hanukkah or not to Hanukkah, that is my question !!

I have really struggled this year with the keeping of this festival.
When I came into the Torah class a few years ago, I had something in my Spirit that didn’t line up with it. I reluctantly have gone through the last couple of years, celebrating with our group.
We had our start tonight with our local group, and they said the “Blessing”, THEN it hit me as a confirmation.
The “Blessing”says that YHWH commands us to light the candles.
WHERE AT ? Aren’t we warned against adding to or taking away from His Word ?
THEN they made a lovely presentation and shared from Daniel Chapter 8, tieing in the prophecy of Daniel to the events of the battle with the Maccabees and the Greeks. Then they read some from 1 Maccabees to tell the story of what had happened leading up to and during the Battle.
OK, I understand ALL of what was said and have NO problem with the events of the Battle.
BUT, “here is the REST of the story” [ a little Paul Harvey humor ]
In 1 Maccabees 8:17 Judas Maccabees sends a messenger to Rome to essentially invite Rome to come into Israel and take over, as THAT is what actually ended up happening.
AS FAR AS the tie in with Yahushua in John 10:22,23, AGAIN you have to read the rest of the scripture and tie it in with what had happened AFTER YHWH had delivered them from the Greeks.
Yahushua was “walking” in Solomon’s Porch. He WAS NOT in the temple.
#1 Solomons Porch is the place where Ezekiel had been shown the “elders turned their back to the temple, facing the sun and worshiping it.
Solomons Porch was not attached to Herod’s Temple, but acroos the courtyard. It has been referred to as a “place of judgement”
#2 Yahushua knew all of these things and was perplexed , troubled maybe in His Spirit, that’s why He was “walking” as in pacing about. Like many of us do when something is troubling us.
#3 Yahushua knew that the Maccabees had “turned their back on YHWH”, by running off to Rome to get help, when YHWH had just helped them and supposedly performed a “Miracle”.
#4 John 10 tells us that the Jews began to gather around Yahushua and question Him about being the Messiah. He told them that they couldn’t tell that He was the real Miracle Worker[paraphrase mine].
HERE He was, the very one who helped them through so many times in the past. The very one who had performed miracles in front of their eyes, and YET, they knew Him not.
NO, I am not convinced of Yahushua celebrating Hanukkah or however you may want to spell it.
NO, I am NOT convinced that He even was happy with what was going on, BUT more so feel Him to have been troubled by what was going on.



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