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Happy Father’s Day ! Have you told your Father that, yet?

I read an email this morning that got me to thinking about that question.

It went something like this;

Seems as if there was a dad and his son who just didn’t talk with each other a lot. {that sound familiar to anyone ?} Anyway, the dad decided he wanted to do something with his son and maybe build the relationship up some. So the dad decides to take the son on a weekend fishing trip. The son really could care less about fishing. He really had just as soon stay home and watch TV or play games. BUT, the son gave in and went anyway.

After the second day of little to no fish being caught and just as little conversation, the son writes out a note to his dad and tells him that he really did not want to be there and wanted to go home. The dad balled up the note, headed for the camp and they both went home, without uttering a word all the way home.

The son walks into the kitchen and the mom ask him why they are back. The son said that he had given his dad a note and his dad got mad and came home. The Mom looked at her son and said, “Your dad can’t read, dear”! The dad never had told his son about him not being able to read. The son never had taken the time to notice !

Communications between dads and sons don’t always go this way, but sadly enough more often, they do.

I have spent some time estranged from my own son, who doesn’t see eye to eye with me about God the Father. I never knew until about a year and a half ago that my son didn’t believe in God  and really had a sour taste about Christianity as a whole. WOW, what an eye open for me. I cried out to The Father, God of all Creation and said “now what”. I can’t talk scriptures to my son, because he thinks the Bible is a book of myths, made up to control other people. Father God told me to do one thing . LOVE him! I was to show the Father’s Love to my son!

Well, I admit it has been a rocky time over the last year and a half, but at least we are talking every now and then.

Life is TOO SHORT, to let little things become big walls between dads and their families.

Dads, pick up your phone this year and call your sons and daughters and tell them how much you love them. And while you are at it, God Loves KNEE-MAIL ! Give him a shout out this Fathers Day !

Love in Christ Jesus

Pastor Jake


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