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FoodBanks Beware! Big Brother on the move.

I found this article in my emails this AM. For those of us that operate
any type "foodbank" or such, is this the future we are heading into.
THE ANSWER? Yes!! This all ties straight into "not buying or selling"
without the mark of the beast. Without "Foodbanks" some people will be
forced to buy, even what they can't afford.

Here is the link;

Sorry about the link not taking. Please copy and paste, it should work !



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Judge bans “I Believe” tag for SC motorist


Well, here we go.  Just yesterday we are told that if a person wanted to say “I Believe” by purchasing a tag from the SCDMV that had been approved by the State Legislature, it was unconstitutional.

What about Freedom of Speech ? That’s still constitutional, isn’t it ?

I guess that depends on who you are in todays PC climate.

Also ! Why is it that other “Special Interest” groups get to have their own tags, even if they offend someone else.  Here is the link to SCDMV and notice that there are tags there for “Humanist”, “Shriners” and two for “Masons” as well as a host of others.


Here is a link to “The State ” newspaper and the exact write up of it.


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Georgia Masons and the GA Chip program. Child ID Chip.

These people will stop at nothing! I saw this on a local TV station, WJBF Channel 6 out of Augusta GA. It was on a “Toys for Tots” promotion and the Masons are shown as a sponsor of this ID Chip for your children, under the quise of “Protecting GA Children”. Now let me make one thing clear, they are not doing implants at this time, but I think anyone can see how this just opens the door for a later time where this can happen.


Here is the National nfo on this:

GACHIP is part of MasoniICHIP International, inc. an initiative of North American Freemason’s Grand Lodges, that generates “completed packs” of various identifying items of children for parents or guardians.
MasoniCHIP International. Inc.is recognized by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) as the most comprehensive program of its type and has received a SPECIAL AWARD OF COMMENDATION  from the NCMEC in February 2007″

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