Special Event ! Red Envelope Day

This is from Pastor Bruce Greene,
 This is concerning the subject of “Abortion”, and a 1 day chance to send a signal to Washington, DC.
Please take a look at this link. I invite you all to participate and also to forward this along to whomever you are led to.
Love in Yahushua, Christ Jesus


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3 responses to “Special Event ! Red Envelope Day

  1. mbaker


    i sent this out to folks whom I think will care enough to do this. Lots of our Christian peers will probably say, “What difference will it make, they aren’t going to listen anyway.”

    But I liket o think those little babies in heaven will know that we here on earth have heard their silent cries of pain when they were torn, without mercy, from their mother’s wombs and thrown away like garbage.

    If for no other reason, we should do it for that.

    God bless.

    • AMEN !!
      They that have no voice are depending on us to BE the Voice of Grace, Mercy and Justice !
      Thanks, MBaker, for your Agape Love toward these innocent babies!
      Love in Yahushua, Christ Jesus,

  2. mbaker

    Interesting that there has been a lot of mention about the the’ tea parties’, but none whatsoever about red envelope day from any of the news media, whether right or left. Hmmm… Could it be that killing innocent babies is non-issue in our culture now? Has anyone else heard anything?

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